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The evolutionary theory of love states that we fall in love with different people to satisfy our needs.

Why do we fall in love, The evolutionary theory of love states that we fall in love with different people to satisfy our needs. There is no person in this world who has never loved anyone. This seed of love grows in a human being in adolescence and then it keeps on encouraging us to love till death. Why do we fall in love, the love that starts in adolescence wants to reach its end very quickly. This is the case not only in some teenagers, but in almost every human being found in the world. The love found in adolescence wants to get married very soon and settle down. The love that happens in this age very soon starts thinking about even its children. In adolescence, they start taking vows till they die for each other. However, this does not explain why we feel such strong emotions when we fall in love with someone. It is more likely that we fall in love with people who are similar to us, physically or mentally, or who have similar thoughts to us. Or the attraction of one towards the other, it is common to fall in love in today’s environment. Why do we fall in love, the experience of falling in love is romantic and exciting. But at times it can also be mysterious and confusing. Mysterious and confused because sometimes we fall in love with someone and we think that the other person also loves us but in reality he likes some of our things so he wants to spend some time with us But we take it as love, it is our illusion. And because of this we have to face a lot of trouble at times. Why do we fall in love, why do people fall in love when someone asks us? So the first thing that comes to mind is the mysterious and magical feeling that attracts the partners towards each other. However, in reality, love is not just a feeling, but also a behavior. People who are in love are more likely to show positive behavior in a romantic relationship.

We fall in love because we are biologically hardwired to do so. Researchers have found that the chemicals associated with falling in love are similar to the chemicals that are released when we eat chocolate, in fact the kind of chemicals that are produced in our body when we exercise well. Therefore, falling in love is more of a pleasure than a good meal. According to evolutionary theory, is an adaptive trait because it encourages couples to bond and form bonds that help ensure the survival of future generations of their offspring.

Why do we love when we know it sometimes breaks hearts and then ends in disappointment and sadness. Even after knowing all this, we fall in love. No one has been able to know about why this happens till date. All these questions are related to the incident of falling in love. There are many reasons to love. The first thing I want to say is that love is not an emotion. But when we are in love, we do get emotional. Almost everyone in the world is passionate about love.

Friends, there is nothing wrong in falling in love, in this world every person has definitely loved at some point in his life, but it is not necessary that everyone’s love has reached its end. Although love was not so much trend in the old times but today it has increased a lot in the 21st century. There is nothing wrong to love, love understanding each other, respecting each other’s feeling, this is love.

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