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All the work that we do without thinking in life, we have to bear the consequences of all of them somewhere. Because at first we do not think of its result, if we think what will be the result, then we may never do that work.

Now, if we see in our life, then all of us have made a mistake. When we have not thought anything without thinking, we have taken our steps forward. Whatever work we do thoughtfully, we know that if this happens to us, then we go ahead for that work. But I will explain to you in a small story about the result of work for which you do not think.

Once upon a time, Raja Bharathari praised a wife in front of her wife, how brave she turned out to be. When the man burnt to death with her husband, her woman replied that why did that woman give her time to take herself to the pyre? Why didn’t she die already? The king thought that he had said so many loud words. The idea came in my heart that I should try it out. The king went hunting one day, sent his clothes soaked in blood and sent home, saying that the king had gone hunting for the lion but the lion killed him. When his woman heard this thing, Gush fell down and died.

King Bharthari was very sorry that such a worthy wife was lost by hand. But the other woman I got was not very good. Once a monk gave fruits to a king in a forest. Whom the old man eats, he will become young forever. The king thought, if I ate the fruit, what was the use, gave it to the queen. She thought that this too would be like a queen at first, and told together. That by eating this, the old one becomes young forever. Further, the heart of the queen was there on the Kotwal, she gave the fruit to the Kotwal. Kotwal did not love that queen. He was in love with a prostitute. He gave that fruit to the prostitute. The prostitute thought that my whole life had gone into bad deeds. I have to do the same after eating the fruit. Should I give fruit to the king?

The king is very much a god. People have got a lot of happiness in his kingdom. Now the fruit came to the king, he recognized it. Asked Vaishya, tell me the truth from where did you bring this fruit? She started saying that she has met Kotwal Saheb. The king sent a servant and called Kotwal and asked, tell me the truth, where did this fruit come from?

At first, Kotwal started avoiding here and there, but when the king threatened, he started saying that he had met the queen. Then called the queen.

At this time, the king first rebuffed himself, that I tried a woman in vain and then got caught in the trap of such a woman, then it is a damn thing that the queen who leaves the king and dusts with the servant. Then Dhikkara Kotwal, who got the queen. But except for the queen, she wanders away to another. With this thought, the king abandoned the coronation.

Now the king had nothing except regrets. He kept wondering why I tried him, why I told him that I had died. If I had not done this work, my wife would probably be with me now. If he once thought about what would be the result of what I am going to try. What will be the result of that The biggest thing is that he doubted his wife. Which should never be done. And secondly, he did all this without thinking.

That is why whenever we have to do any work in our life. We have to think carefully because after that we have to suffer ourselves. This is also fixed.

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Spiritual stories

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