Why Do We Always Think What Would Happen Without Me

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3 min readApr 1, 2021

All of us are victims of a huge misunderstanding in this world that nothing can happen in this world without us. When we were not. Was this world not moving, even then it was still there? Even then, all the work was being done in this world. But we have created an illusion in ourselves that nothing can be done in this world except us.

Mother thinks that if I was not there then who would raise the child. The father thinks that if I had not been there, I would have given these children a cone after earning. Children think that if we were not there then who would have asked the parents. Then think that if I do not live then who will handle this business, no one can do this business except me. This is a misconception that remains our whole life.

Once upon a time there was a Seth. He became very proud that nobody could run my house except me. Won in this pride, and lived in the house with full strut. One day a monk came to his shop and started telling him that Seth, if I do not work, then everyone in my house will die hungry, so I have to do this work.

That monk started smiling, he is a foolish man, he does not even know that this world can go on without it. The monk tried to convince him that nothing like this can happen here without you, but Seth was not ready to accept this, he used to say once every time that nothing can happen without me.
So the monk said that let’s do one thing, you go into this dense forest and sit somewhere else. And we will make a noise that the lion has eaten you. And all these people will understand that you have died, then after a month come and see how your house is going.
Seth did the same to go to a dense forest to show people. Everyone made a noise that Seth had eaten the lion. Seet’s wife and children started crying a lot. He too assumes that Seth has died. Now the shop that was owned by his son, the son and wife started working together on that shop. There was some pity inside people too. These people are alone. So people also started taking more stuff. This shop started running more than before.

Now when Seth came to his house, he saw that the stuff that was in my shop has doubled. And everything is going well at home too. Then the hermit asked her that now tell me whether this house cannot run without you or else this shop cannot run. All work is going on, without you it was your pleasure. That nothing can happen without you, everything is going on like that.

We get this education from this story, we should never live in this misunderstanding. And never think that it cannot do anything except me. We must have often seen in our lives how many people die. After that, do not his children walk to his home, do their children not eat their food. And if the wife leaves. So, do not the children get food, or the husband does not eat, nothing happens like this, the world keeps going like that, the world never stops without anyone. So do not ever be in the misconception that I will not live. Then everything will stop. Yes, householders will definitely be troubled for some days. But after that everything will start running the same way.

Because in this world God has sent everyone seeing wisdom and everyone can do every single thing. Therefore, never think that this work will not happen without me.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."