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We all think that I am the most unhappy in this world, but it does not happen that everyone is unhappy in this world. Everyone definitely has some grief in this world. Just because we don’t feel each other’s grief, I feel that my sorrow is the greatest. But when we come to know of someone’s grief, then it is known that our grief is nothing in front of him.

But until this thing is not realized, it seems to us that maybe that God is doing injustice to us, he has given the miseries of the whole world only to me. But when we sit together among ourselves, then we feel the sorrow of others. By the way when we meet each other. So see you with laughter. But once someone starts telling their grief. So gradually all the people start sharing their grief with each other, then it is known that everyone is unhappy here.

I try to tell it to you through a small story, I have heard a story.

That a man used to cry continuously in the mosque that, O God, why made me so sad? What the hell have I done to you? This injustice is happening. And I used to hear: You are a great judge, Rahim is, Rahman is kind, I am compassionate, great! But all are a matter of deception. Why did it hurt me so much? Everyone is in fun. But all are a matter of deception. Why did it hurt me so much? Everyone is in fun. Everyone is enjoying. I am the one who is rotten in grief. Have some mercy! If you cannot give happiness, then at least do so much to give someone else’s grief, give it to someone else. Do this much!

He dreamed one night that a voice was saying from the sky that everybody should reach the mosque with their grief. He got ready very quickly. He quickly added his grief, raised the bundle, towards the Bhaga Masjid. He himself ran, he saw, surprised that the people of the whole village are taking their own cartons.

He used to think that there is no sorrow in his life… even the king is running away! Wazirs are also running away. The leaders are also running away, the priests and priests are also running away! He also saw the cleric, he is also going away with his bundle. Everyone has bundles. And one more surprise came to know: No one has a small bundle. Because he started thinking about whom to change when the opportunity to change comes. But all the big boxes are taken. These boxes were never even visible to him. The acting goes on. Arrived at the mosque.

Very excited! Everyone is excited because something is going to happen. And then there was a voice that everybody hang their own balls on the pegs of the mosque. Everyone hung up quickly. Everybody wants to get rid. And then there was a voice that now whosoever has to choose the bundle, choose it, change it. And the man ran and all the people ran. But the surprise was that the man ran away and lifted his bundle again, so that no one else could pick it up. And this was the condition of everyone — they all took their own. He was very surprised, but now he got the idea. Why did she raise her? Thought that his sorrows are at least familiar; The other has a large bundle and does not know what is inside it! Their grief is at least well known, they have lived with them all their lives, they have gradually become habitual.

And now slowly they do not even feel sad. If the thorn has been thundering, it has been thundering, then the skin gradually becomes stronger; Thorns thunder in that place, then there is not much pain in the skin. If the headache continues for a lifetime, then gradually the man forgets; There is no difference between headache and head. A practice is done and then he understood why everyone picked up their bundle; Everybody is afraid that someone else may have to bear it.

It is not known what other snakes and scorpions are contained inside the unfamiliar bundle of others. Each of them picked up their own bundles and everyone is happy that they got their bundle back. And all are running towards their house. When he woke up in the morning, he understood the truth: it is so. Everyone is grieved here. But there is an acting / drama / confusion going on. The person who woke up with this act has happiness in his life.
Therefore, we should never panic with our sorrows. It is also written in Gurbani

“Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar”

This whole world is full of sorrows. This does not mean that there will never be moments of happiness in our life. We will come and of course we will just have to wait. Just as there is always a day after night, there is light after dark, in the same way, happiness is also hidden behind every sorrow. We just do not have to panic and have to face these sufferings firmly.

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