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We all thank each other for small things. This is a good thing and should be done. It is a sign of good values. But every time we forget to thank the God who is giving us everything. Today, from this blog, we try to thank God on everything. Let’s try to understand through a short story.

A person who was near death gives his son a bag full of silver coins before death and says “Whenever the coins are finished with this bag, I tell you a prayer, repeating the coin again.” Will start filling up. He prayed for four words in the son’s ear and he died. Now the son was happy to find a bag full of coins and was able to spend it. The bag was so big that it took him many years to spend. In the meantime, he forgot the prayer.

When the bag came to an end, he remembered “Hey! What was that four-word prayer.” He missed a lot, he could not remember. Now he started asking people. The first asks the friend “Any such prayer you know, which has four words. The neighbor said,” Yes, I know a four-word prayer, “God help me.” He heard and felt that these were not words, something different. When we hear something, we feel familiar. Even then he repeated those words many times, but he was very sad if the coins did not grow.

Then met a monk, he said that “God you are great”, these four words may be prayed, but the bag was not filled even by repeating it. He met a Pandit, he said, “I bow to God” This prayer also did not prove to be effective. He was very depressed and saw everyone meet but he did not get the prayer that father had told him. He was sitting in the house feeling sad when a beggar came to his door.

He said, “Have not eaten anything since morning, if you have something to eat.” The boy gave the remaining food to the beggar. The beggar returned the pot after eating and prayed to God, “O God! Thank you.” Suddenly he was shocked and shouted “Hey! That’s what those four words were.” He started repeating those words — “O God, your
Thank you “…….. And his coins kept growing … growing … so his whole bag was filled.

Understand that when he helped someone, he got that mantra again. “Oh God! Thank you.” This is the high prayer because the thing we give thanks to, that thing grows. If you give thanks for money, then money increases, when you give thanks for love, then love grows. There is a feeling of thanks to God or Guruji that we have got the opportunity to listen and read such knowledge. This knowledge is coming down in our life without any effort, otherwise there are many people who live in false beliefs and die in those beliefs only. Even when he dies, he does not know the truth. Live in the same darkness, die.

From the above story, understand that “Thank you, O God,” these four words are words, not words, the power of prayer. If it is difficult for anyone to repeat these four words, then you can say it in three words, “Thank you God.” If these three words seem too much, then say two words, “Thank God!” And if two words seem too much, then only one word can say, “Thank you.”

Let us all together thank the God who gave us human birth and gave two things in it — first “walking of breath” and second “thirst for truth.” And then this thirst takes us closer to God.

Not only this, we go on thanking him. His mercy goes on increasing. And the more its mercy grows. Man is equally strong. And then he gets out of all kinds of difficulties. Thanking that divine

So from today onwards we should also start thanking the God who has given us everything in the world.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."