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The biggest fool is the person who does not recognize the right time and place. Many such foolish people will be found in the world, they could have got the rest of the world, but because of their stupidity, they all lose. Luck also favors only those people who can work after seeing the right opportunity and time. Luck never supports the person who cannot take the decision at the right time, so it is very important to take a decision at the right time and at the right time in life. I try to explain this thing through a story.

A person was disappointed in every way of life. People used to call him by the name of the wretched. A wise pundit told him that your fortune is sleeping on such a mountain, if you go and wake him up, then luck will be with you. Just! Then what was it that he went on to wake up his sleeping fortune. When there was a forest on the way, a lion rushed to eat it, he said brother! Don’t eat me, I’m going to wake up my sleeping fortune.*

The lion said that if your luck wakes up, I have a problem, ask for its solution. My problem is that no matter how much I eat… my stomach does not get full, all the time my stomach is burning with the flame of hunger. The wretched said — OK. On going further, he spent the night at a farmer’s house. On coming to know that he is going to awaken his soy fortune, the farmer said that I also have a question.. Asking your fate and coming to find a solution for it… In my field, no matter how hard I work, the yield will be good. No. I have a marriageable girl, how will I be able to get her married in these circumstances?*

* The wretched said — OK. And on going further, he became a guest in a king’s house. After the dinner, the king, on knowing that he was going to wake up his destiny, told him that the solution to my problem should also come from asking his fate. My problem is that no matter how wisely I run the state… Anarchy remains dominant in my state.*

The wretched also said to him — OK. Now he had reached the mountain. There he woke up his sleeping fate by trembling — wake up! get up! I have come to wake you up. His fate took a limb and went with him. His fate said — now I will always be with you.*

Now he was no longer wretched but had become a lucky person and because of his luck, he knew the answers to all the questions. In the return journey, he became the guest of the same king and while explaining the solution to the king’s problem, he said — Since you are a woman and take care of the kingdom by disguised as a man, that is why there is anarchy in the state. You get married with a worthy man, if both of them take charge of the kingdom together, then peace will be established in your kingdom.

* The queen said — you marry me and stay here. Having become lucky, he said in a wretched refusal — no no! My luck has woken up. You marry someone else. Then the queen married her minister and started running the kingdom happily. After becoming a state guest for a few days, he left from there.*

On the way, he reached the farmer’s house and in response to his question told that there are seven urns of diamonds and gems in your field, after taking out that treasure, your land will become fertile and with that money you can also marry your daughter with great pomp. Can you do it.*

The farmer, being gracious, told him that I am thankful to you, you should marry my daughter. But the person who became lucky said that no! No! I am lucky, you marry your beautiful daughter somewhere else. Seeing a suitable groom, the farmer married his daughter and started living happily. After enjoying the hospitality of the farmer for a few days, he reached the forest and told the lion as a solution to his problem that if you eat a big fool, then your hunger will be pacified.

* The lion gave him great hospitality and got to know the complete condition of the journey. After coming to know about the whole thing, the lion said that after getting lucky, O man who missed two such good and big opportunities! Who else would be a bigger fool than you? By eating you, my hunger will be satisfied and in this way that person died after becoming a victim of a lion.*

Its meaning is that ……… if you do not have the wisdom to test the right opportunity and the knowledge to grab the opportunity, then even luck cannot come to you and do you any good.*

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