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Who we are and where we come from. This question always remains in our mind. To answer this question, we wander a lot. Have we got the answer to this question till date? We only talk about this today. Who we are and where we came from.

God has made all of us on his face.
We are all children of that God. Those who have come to this land of death. Pleasure arose in the mind of the divine. And she made a very beautiful nature. Made a practice in which very beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, ponds and sea were made. Make different kinds of flowers and fruit trees. Then he saw that no one is going to enjoy them here.
Then he sent some souls to this world here who were given different forms. Some people were made animals, some were made birds and some were made human beings. So that we can all enjoy this creation together. And from here, we can roam around and get back to our house where the divine is waiting for all of us. Which is our real home.

Like a mother waits for her child. When the child goes out to study or for some work, the mother is waiting for him, in the same way that God is also waiting for all of us when we will come back to our original home.

But in this world, we have forgotten everything. We have understood ourselves to be a part of this world and we do not even remember it. That we are all children of that divine and we have to go back to our home as well. Because we like this color spectacle of this world so much. That our mind has been engaged in such a way that it is not taking the name of going back. And we have considered ourselves a part of this creation.
How come we have forgotten here. Let’s try to understand through a short story.

Once a flock of sheep went to the grass to graze in the forest. Nearby there is a small lion’s child, separated from his mother, and came in the middle of the sheep. The lion was still small. He did not know that it is a sheep. And I am a lion. He started to roam around with them, he started eating grass chaff. He started thinking of himself as a sheep, he forgot his identity.

One day the lion’s baby was roaming with the sheep. The lion saw him nearby. The lion started moving forward. That he saw a lion in the middle of the sheep. He was surprised to see what this lion is doing among the sheep. He went to that child and he told him that what are you doing in the middle of the sheep as a lion. The child said, I am also a sheep. I am not a lion.

The lion took the child to a river and where in the river do you and my face look alike. You are like me too The lion’s child was not ready to believe that I am a lion. Then the lion said. I roar you. Then you too roar like me. The lion roared loudly, on seeing it, the lion’s child also roared loudly. Hearing their roar, a flock of sheep fled from there. This is what we get to know from this story. That is how we too are children of God. And our personality is very high, but we have forgotten our identity and have considered this world to be our home. You must have come to know who we are from this story. Where else come from.

That God made his nature so good that who should return from here. But saints Mahatmas have told that the God who lives in his own house. That house is even more pleasant than this and there is more enjoyment than there. He is our real home. All the souls used to live there like an empress who has come into this world and has become a slave to the mind of Maya.
If we want to be free from this slavery, then we have to go to our country, our original house, where our throne and crown is still waiting.

And the only way to get there is by devotion to that divine when we do the detention of that divine. Then we will go closer to that God and one day we will reach our original home as well. Where we came from We are part of the same God and one day we will go into that God.
So let’s search for that divine again and do devotion to him and reach our real country.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."