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3 min readJul 29, 2021


When Trust Is Broken


Whenever a person’s trust is broken, he becomes so disappointed with the whole world that then he does not have the strength to trust or trust anyone. Why does he feel like I trust him?

We also trust only the person whom we love with all our lives. We trust the one we love and it has often been seen that trust is broken only by those whom we trust blindly. We know this man would never cheat on us. If the same person breaks our trust, then the whole life starts looking deserted.

Then it seems as if I am left alone in the world. Then we can’t even trust anyone else. Many such films have been made, many such serials have been made in which we must have often seen how a person breaks when trust is broken.

He is unable to trust anyone else even if he wants.. Every time he feels that this time also he will be betrayed. That’s why we should never break anyone’s trust. Because when someone trusts in us, it takes years for them to do that trust, then somewhere they have complete trust, but when we break that trust, it takes a few moments.

The greatest example of trust is a small child that the father tosses in the air. He is so confident that my father will take care of me, so when he jumps in the air, he laughs and then the father also does not let the child’s trust break with that little one. He too takes hold in that moment. And if the father breaks the trust of that child, don’t hold him. So what will happen to that little life, maybe we cannot even imagine.

This is the condition of those who believe. When someone breaks their trust, they also get shattered. A wife trusts her husband and comes to her husband’s house after breaking all relations with her parents. There is only a trust between the two which makes their love so deep that then the husband and wife cannot live without each other. And if the same spouse breaks that trust. Then life is wasted.

Similarly a father trusts his son and entrusts his entire land property to him, hands over his business to him that my son will carry this property forward. But if the child turns out to be unworthy and breaks trust, then we cannot even imagine the condition of the father. Because the life-long capital which he had collected for his son, the son ends it in a few days. The father devoted his whole life and with full confidence handed over that business to his child. Trust is broken, dreams are broken, everything is shattered.

That’s why we have to move ahead in life wisely. Whoever has trusted in us. Be it our child, our father, our husband, our wife, our friend or any lover or girlfriend..we should never break their trust. Whatever is in our heart or in our mind, it should be told. Because many times it also happens that we over-expect someone and when he does not live up to our expectation, then we feel that our trust is broken, in these situations we should sit and talk to each other that I am Only he could or could have done. Trust will not be broken in this. And there will be trust in each other.

We have got this life very short, in this short life we ​​get many relationships. So keep trust and faith in these relationships.

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