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3 min readOct 10, 2021

What we are, we have a very bad habit of people that we make wrong opinions about others without thinking anything. We all see with our own eyes. We always think that we are right and others are wrong. We have to see for ourselves how right we are before forming an opinion about someone.

It is the nature of us that we always think that we are right. We have to correct ourselves before ever speaking bad about anyone, after that we have the right to form an opinion about anyone. Before finding faults of anyone, we have to see our position whether we are right or wrong.

Let me try to explain this point of mine through a small incident.

Once upon a time, a newly married couple came to live in a rented house. The next morning, while they were having breakfast, the wife saw from the window that some clothes were spread on the front terrace, — “It seems these people do not even know how to clean clothes … Look how dirty they look? “

The husband listened to her but did not pay much attention.

After a day or two, again some clothes were spread in the same place. The wife repeated her words as soon as she saw him….” When will these people learn how to clean clothes…!!”

The husband kept listening but this time also he did not say anything.

But now it has become a thing of the day, whenever the wife sees the clothes spread, she starts saying good and bad things.

After about a month, he was sitting there having breakfast. The wife raised her eyes as usual and the front terrace
Looked at him, “Oh wow, it seems that they have got their wisdom … Today the clothes are looking very clean, surely someone must have interrupted!”

The husband said, no, no one has stopped him.

How do you know?, the wife asked in surprise.

Today I got up early in the morning and I cleaned the glass on this window from outside, so you can see the clothes clearly, husband completed the talk.!

The same thing applies in life. Very often how we see others depends on how clean we ourselves are from inside. Before saying good or bad about someone, we should check our mood and ask ourselves whether we are ready to see something better in the front or are our windows still dirty.

We should always look for the good in others in life because if we pay attention to the goodness of people then we will also try to be better like them.

Education: Before saying anything to anyone in life, we should check ourselves whether the opinion we are forming about someone is right or wrong. One should speak only after identifying right and wrong.

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Spiritual stories

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