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4 min readApr 16, 2021

The precious and most loving relationship of our life is that of husband and wife. It is said that the greatest relationship in this world is that of Guru and disciple. And after that if there is any relation then it is husband and wife. Such a unique relationship that becomes familiar without seeing each other. And later the same relationship starts to be the most loving. Many people have made a lot of jokes on the wife or husband. But the real thing is that no husband can live without his wife and no wife can live without her husband. Each other does not exist without each other.

Barring her home, her parents leave their toys and friends, and walk with an unknown person whom she has never known or never known. The same parents who did not allow anyone to look at their daughter, now send them to an unknown person. This relationship is not very unique. And the person who has never known that girl before, brings her heart and queen of her house. Therefore, both should respect each other. If the husband and wife love each other, they will love each other. If you will respect each other and help each other’s work, then this love will continue to deepen.

Was once a person. He had a very good business at the car bungalow house bar. But the husband and wife used to keep quarreling among themselves. Never used to talk directly to each other. One day saw that person. That who is his servant. He is very happy. Comes to work on time and goes away on time, on whatever day he is asked to stop, he does not stop. He says that I have to go home, my wife is waiting. One day the owner asked. Your wife is not so beautiful either. You don’t even say anything, then why are you so afraid of your wife? Who can’t make him wait without asking him or even a little bit?

So the servant replied no sir, I am not afraid of my wife but just respect her. She plays so many roles for me. When I start doing something wrong, she becomes a mother and guides me right. When I am sad, like a friend, she shares my grief. And whenever I am sick, I become a doctor and take care of me. Cooking for me does the laundry all the work. So can’t I play a husband relationship for him? Can’t I be a good husband to her, can’t I respect her. She does everything for me only. Should I not respect his feelings? This becomes my duty I respect her and help her with her household chores.

If the wife can perform so many duties. So can’t a husband do it? By the way, women are called weak. And powerful men. Whereas women play every role very well. And men sometimes do not play the role of being their husbands too well sometimes. If the wife is ill, then by placing her hand on the head a little, the entire illness of the wife is cured. If the wife is busy with some other work
So if the man helps in his household work. So he also likes it. Husband is for walking together with his wife.

But the world understands that all the responsibilities lie only and only with the wife. The husband has no responsibility, this should not happen. Both of them have built a house together, both of them have produced children together. So, it is the duty of both of them to keep their home and life happy, both of them should support each other. Only then can the life of both of them be prosperous.
And the biggest thing is that if a person respects his wife, then he respects others as well, who does not respect his wife himself, then even those who make fun of his wife. Therefore, we have to start with ourselves, we have to give full respect to our wife so that the world can also see her with full respect.

Ok everyone is young, so they make fun of it, but the real meaning of husband-wife relationship is known only when the children get married. Because when marriage happens, time is spent in getting to know each other and the caricatures of children are echoed in the house, then all the ages keep running for those children. Their responsibilities continue to be fulfilled. But when they get married, the husband and wife are left alone. One feels the right relationship with each other.

So then, if there is a husband, then if the wife is there, and if there is a wife, then by helping the husband, make his afflicted life happy.

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