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3 min readDec 22, 2021
our life is divided into four parts, because there are only four parts in our life.

What is the definition of life, our life is divided into four parts, because there are only four parts in our life. Which we can live, as the first part ends. Then the second begins, and the second ends. Then the third part, and then the fourth and last part, then our life ends.

It should always be our endeavor to live the four parts of life happily. (what is the definition of life)

Part 1: The first part of our life is as happy as the sunrise. As the weather is very nice at the time of sunrise, the birds are chirping. That’s how our childhood blossoms. We play laughing and don’t care about anything. At that time we are like a free bird, playing, jumping, studying all day, traveling with friends, this is what happens in our life. We can never forget this part of childhood, this is the part that we always remember. The day we are born. Till the age of 20, this part of our life is the same as the sunrise.. (What is the definition of life)

second part of life. This part of us is like noon. Like afternoon there is strong sunlight. Sometimes we can’t tolerate this sun at all. We can compare the second part of our life from afternoon because in this second part we complete our studies and after that our hard work starts. Sometimes for job sometimes for business. This part of life is the most difficult for us. because this life
We have to run the most in the part itself. When we get the job. Then we get married and after that we have children. This means that this second part of life is the most important for us. Because in this part of life, a person can easily cross his last two stages by working hard, we can also call it the afternoon of life. (what is the definition of life)

third part of life. The third part of life is just like the evening. Because as the afternoon ends, the sun sets and it’s evening. This is the most difficult phase of our life. In this our age becomes enough, we cannot walk. We have to use sticks to walk. Alone we cannot do any work and children do not even have time for us. Everyone is busy in their own life. In such a time, if the wife is with him, then the person gets a lot of support. But if one of the two dies, then this phase of life passes very difficult. Because at this stage both are the support of each other. Because man is left alone. That’s why this part of life is also called evening. (Definition of life)

Fourth part of life: Which we can also call night, this part is the last part of our life. One day this life of ours comes to an end, this is our life. We can also distribute this in the seasons, as in the autumn old leaves fall from the trees and then new leaves appear. Whether we call it a day or a season, it is the same thing. This is the story of life, be it animals or birds or humans or trees or plants, everyone lives in the same way. The life of old people ends only when new life comes. (definition of life)

Live your life full of happiness because this life will never be found again. Friends, I hope you liked this post of mine.

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