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What is the soul, the soul is a very subtle point of light, so when the person dies, the lamp is lit, that is, the light is lit in the form of a remembrance of the divine light in the body. Only then people say that this light of consciousness is gone. The soul is like a shining star. is a beam of light. The nature of the soul has also been told in different religious texts.

The upper part of the hair of the human body should be divided into 100 parts, each part should be divided into 100 parts, then the measurement that will come, in fact the soul has the same shape, that is, the shape of the soul is subtle, very subtle.

When a soul leaves one body, it assumes another body, some child souls know about their past life, have all the information about the past life, then after searching it comes to know that all the things are correct, it is scientifically It has been proved, these things show that the soul is immortal, immortal, indestructible, which no one can destroy.

Apart from this, we have seen many times out of body experience when someone dies and comes back in a while, then that person tells everyone that after leaving the body, I saw this, then who saw this body? had died . So this soul saw it.

If it is proved that we take many births then definitely we are not this body which is mortal. We are an imperishable power-packed soul.

To prove this, psychiatrists take the help of Hypnotism, in which they slow down the speed of the mind so much and take them to a later birth, because everything feeds into the chip-like soul, all the things of his past lives, then his past is given to the patient. Remembering birth. When we take a person in a previous life, we call it Past Life Hypnotic Regression, in the previous life that person was playing the part in some other body and at a different place. The language and time and gender (male or female) of the last few births are also told.

for example

Just like there is a small chip in a mobile, everything is contained in it, you can fill as much as you want. We can put a lot in this…
Photos, Songs, Audios, Videos
Other Files and Required Documents..
And you can see and hear it whenever you want.
In the same way, the chip, the power that runs our body, is called soul.
Just as each chip has a different capacity, so each soul has a different part and each soul takes a maximum of 84 and at least one birth.

Even if the mobile is damaged, the contents of the chip remain in it and after removing the chip of the mobile and putting it in another mobile, then all those who are already in the chip can see and hear again.
By the way, when the body leaves, the soul leaves it and takes another birth.

Just as an actor plays a role but he knows that the role he is playing is not the same. In the same way the soul also plays a different role i.e. the part of an actor through the body on this world stage.

Just as energy is needed to operate an instrument, similarly power is needed to run a body. That which is called soul, Chaitanya, living, eternal being.

Raymonds Moody has written the book Life After Death, based on true events, in which many experiences have been given which come alive after death. After a patient from America named Joan Lee was declared dead, his breathing rate started. He described his experience like this:

I felt like a white light in the black cave of the five elements. After crossing this, a world of white light and red golden light appeared ahead. There was a beautiful luminous light, which was giving me happiness, peace. I heard that the karmic bondage of your body has not been completed, so you are being sent back. And I came again in this body.

In this way, every class of people, whether they are scientists or scholars or any religion, have all believed that body and soul are separate. Body is matter and soul is consciousness.

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