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2 min readSep 28, 2021

We keep hearing things from people about what is reincarnation , what is reincarnation , where do we
go after death, what happens to us. These countless questions are there in all of us. Today I try to answer them to you.

When someone dies, his field of work changes or rather he has to give birth at some other place. This is rebirth. The account of man’s deeds goes with him. Usually people do not know this or do not pay any more attention to it. For most people, death is like jumping into the thick of darkness. They have no idea where they are going or what will happen to them after death. But Mahatmas have full knowledge of what is going to happen to everyone after death. He also knows that everyone carries an account of his deeds with him. Sometime this account has to be settled. Therefore, if his account is not settled before his death, then it is simple that he will have to come again to this world for this settlement. No soul can be freed from the account of karma until it is fully paid for. In every causal body, there is a seed of one’s actions. This is an authentic account, which is never a mistake in keeping its account. Man can neither leave it behind nor hide it. Wherever he goes, his accounts follow him like a dog’s tail. This karma is actually a part of the soul. Wherever he goes he will have to face them and pay. This law of nature is as constant as the rotation of the planets in their orbit.

When the soul reaches the subtle world after death, it is presented before Dharmaraja. Dharmaraj’s justice is irrevocable, he cannot be bribed, nor can his account be lied to him. There man has to answer for everything and give full account. If he finds himself poor in that court and his debt is heavy, he is given another birth where he can pay for his deeds. This is divine justice in which the feeling of mercy is also included. If the account of the deeds of that person is very heavy, then in order to give an impression on his conscience that there is no benefit from the crime, he has to suffer punishment in the form of treatment. He may not remember the punishment he has suffered in the coming birth or lives, but the effect of that punishment leaves such an indelible impression on his subconscious mind that in the next life he will naturally hate the thing which caused him so much pain. | So he will stay away from her.
And then he will try. Only good deeds should be done in this birth. So that one can be free from the cycle of this rebirth.

We are all reincarnated. That’s why all of us should also do good deeds.

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