What is Our Life

You must also be thinking. That I am talking about how easy the topic is. But it is not so easy to answer. What is our life But if we understand the meaning of life, then we will find it very easy. It is just a matter of understanding. Now it is up to us how much we use our understanding.

In this life, we have age, or year. Or some months are not given. We get breath in this life. That too by counting. Now how do we use those breaths. It all happens on us. We have got such a valuable thing. Are we using it right? Because we have only one purpose to get this life. This life has been given to us for a purpose. Do you know what that motive is?

That is the purpose of our life. Attainment of the divine. What we can do in this life. But what do we do. They are spoiling all their health by coming into this world. Which we have been given a chance. We are not using it. And what is the result. We go back from this world without fulfilling our purpose.

We come to this world and get excited to see the colors of this world. By drowning in these colors, we forget the purpose of our life, we understand that in this life we ​​have got, it is enough to just sleep and play laughing but it is not enough. We have to fulfill the purpose for which we have sent it in the world. Because all the people who have come into the world have only one and only one purpose. And we all have to try for it too. No one else will come to try this for us.

This life never stops. It is always moving. One by one, the days keep getting shorter. And we keep moving forward after finishing this life, but we never move towards the cause. If we all move forward keeping that purpose in front of us, then it will become easier for us to live this life too. And will also feel happy.

Today we have forgotten the motive. Because we have made the scope of our life very small and live our life like this. As if there is no purpose left in your life. Wake up in the morning, eat, drink, go to your work. Just come again from work, then eat, drink and sleep. We made a routine like this, we made life. And this circle keeps going. Just while doing it goes away. And it is not known. When does death stand up? We have to rise above these things and identify our cause. Our condition has become such that I am going to tell you right now through this story.

A king went to the forest to hunt lions. What a Babur lion sees in front of him is coming towards him. The king climbed on top of a tree in fear and sat on a branch of a tree. When I regained my senses, I saw downstairs that the Babur tiger was standing below. The emperor got scared, then he thought that the branch on which I am sitting is strong or not. The king saw that the branch on which he is sitting. Two rats are cutting that branch. There is a black mouse, there is a white mouse. The king got scared after seeing this. I thought if I run down and run, the lion will eat me. And if I am sitting then the mice are cutting the twig. Eventually I will fall down. Then the king looks down that if he falls down, is there a paved or raw place, there is no trench, there is a big dragon sitting there with a mouth open when it falls down and I should eat it . The king is very upset that there is no way to escape in any way. Neither to sit on the tree nor to run away. It was summer. A honeycomb was placed on the tree. The king was wondering how to get rid of the honey from the drop and it started to melt and the king started licking the honey. In the pleasure of honey, the king got so excited that neither the lion was afraid nor the dragon nor the mice was taken care of. Now who is the king in this story? That’s us Lion is the time, which is watching us more. The messengers of Kaal or Dharmaraja are calculating minute by minute that how many days, how many hours, so many minutes are left. Now who is the black and white mouse? Black and white mice are day and night. Who are cutting down the tree of our life. The day that has gone today, it does not have to come tomorrow. The remaining dragon is the pyre or grave. Who is looking at us with open mouth, when it comes and when I can bring it inside me.

The grave says that whenever you have to come, I have to come to you. We are sitting so drunk in the world that we are not afraid of being tied up in such dreadful things. Because the color of the world’s intoxication has climbed on us.

So let’s recognize the purpose of our life again today and try to achieve that purpose, this is our life.

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Spiritual stories

Spiritual stories


"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."