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3 min readMay 24, 2021

There is so much crowd, so many relationships, in this world, maybe we get tired of playing. But till the end, we do not know with whom we have a true and real relationship. Many relationships come into play in their lifetimes. There is some deficiency in every relationship, there is no relationship in which there is no deficiency. Why this happens because there is no love inside our relationship. We all have formed relationships with selfishness. True happiness or true relationship can never be found in the relationship of selfishness.
Mother is the relation of child. The mother raises the child, loves her, thinks that it will be the support of my life when she grows up, her child does not appreciate her, so do not call her in the right way, the mother’s love also falls short because of the lack of love. And this was not a true relationship.

Bhai bhai’s relationship is played together, grew up together; all the joys of studying together were with each other in sorrow but when they grew up a little. So perhaps a little too much understanding has been made about how the relationship is maintained, even if one inch of the house has been moved, more cases have gone to the court, then it is not a true relationship.

Husband is the relation of wife and says that this relationship is built on love. But in this relationship also, selfishness is attached. If the wife does not cook, the husband gets angry, then the husband gets angry if the wife does not earn money. The wife is not trying to understand each other. Understand the other, if the wife is ill, she cannot make food, then make a husband, if the husband’s income is less, then help the wife with him. Love does not have a relationship, so they are unable to understand each other, it is a relationship of selfishness, this is not a true relationship.
We used to say that we do not have to carry on the relationship, we have to carry on every relationship and have full responsibility but not with selfishness, why do we have expectations from each other, not with love, do we have any shortcomings within ourselves? Can’t do what we expect of others, we expect it, that’s why we break up, the day we stop expecting us, we will start living our lives ourselves and we will also keep the relationships we are going away from today. Maybe it would be fun to live life.
Now what is the true relationship, the true relationship is only and only the divine and the disciple, there may be some lack of love from the disciple, but God selfless who gives everything to his disciple without asking and one day it comes. Is that the disciple also gets colored in the color of God, then he does not want anything from God, but whatever he has, he also wants to offer at the feet of God, the feeling of giving is hidden inside and only in love.

Therefore, the relationship within which there is love only and only that relationship is a true relationship and the person who has selfishness, that relationship probably does not play.

This is the reason that today the world is crowded, there is a lot of relationship in the world. But still the person is alone, the mistake is of the person himself because he has a relationship with others in a sense of selfishness. The day a person becomes selfless, he will be able to play every relationship well and in every relationship he will get a glimpse of the true relationship.
So, from today onwards, we play Rishto with the feeling of love. So that we too can get a true relationship.
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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."