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What is a true relationship, a true relationship is one in which there is authority and surrender. There is no selfishness in a true relationship. In this way, there are many relationships in life, relationships in family, friends, relationships of friends, husband and wife. But all these relationships are based on the land of selfishness. There is some selfishness attached to all these relationships.

Then what is a true relationship?
True relationship is that which compels God to obey the devotees. Let us try to understand what a true relationship is through a short story.
There was a poor boy who was an orphan. One day that child came to the ashram of a saint and said that Baba takes care of all of you, I have no one in this world, so can I stay here in your ashram?

After listening to the child, the saint said, son, what is your name? That boy said I don’t have a name.

Then the saint named that child Ramdas and said that now you should stay here in the ashram. Ramdas stayed the same and started doing all the work of the ashram.

The age of those saints was 80 years old. One day he told his disciples that I have to go on a pilgrimage, who among you will go with me and who will stay in the ashram?

After listening to the saint, all the disciples said that we will go with you. Because they knew that if they stay here in the ashram, then all the work will have to be done, so everyone said that we will go on pilgrimage with you.

Now the saint got into thinking that who should be taken with him and who should not because it was necessary for someone to stay at the ashram.

The boy Ramdas came to the saint and said, Baba, if you like it, then I stay here at the ashram.
The saint said that it is fine, but you will have to work, even if there is a lack in the cleanliness of the ashram, but do not leave any deficiency in the service of Thakur ji.

Ramdas told the saint that Baba, I do not know how to serve Thakur ji, you tell me how to serve Thakur ji? Then I’ll do it.

The saint took Ramdas with him to the temple where there was a tableau of Ram’s court in that temple. Shri Ram ji, Sita ji, Lakshman ji and Hanuman ji were there.

The saint taught the child Ramdas everything how to serve Thakur ji.

Ramdas told Guru ji that Baba, tell me what will be my relationship with him because if the relationship is known then there will be joy in serving.

Those saints said to the child Ramdas that you used to say that I do not have anyone, so from today onwards these Ram ji and Sita ji are your parents.

Seeing Lakshman ji standing next to him, Ramdas said, “Good Baba and who is it that is standing nearby?”

The saint said that this is your uncle ji and said for Hanuman ji that he is your elder brother.

Ramdas understood everything and then started serving them. The saint went on a journey with the disciples.

Today was the first day of service, Ramdas got up in the morning, took bath, cleaned the ashram, brought alms and then prepared food and then came to the temple to offer food to the Lord.

Ramdas put a plate each in front of Shri Ram Sita Lakshman and Hanuman ji and said now you eat first, then I will eat too.

Ramdas felt that God would really sit and eat. But it was too late, the bread was the same.

Then the child Ramdas thought that if a new relationship has been formed, then he must have been shy. Ramdas put up the curtain and later opened it and saw that the food was still there.

Now Ramdas started crying that I have made some mistake in service, that’s why I am not eating food!
And if they do not eat, then I will not eat and I will die of hunger..! That’s why I will now die by jumping off the mountain.

When Ramdas leaves to die, then Lord Ram tells Hanuman ji, go Hanuman, bring that child and tell the child that we are ready to eat food.

Hanuman ji goes and Ramdas is about to jump that Hanuman ji catches him from behind and says what are you doing?

Ramdas says who are you? Hanuman ji says that I am your brother, have you forgotten so soon?

Ramdas says that you have come now and was saying there for so long that you should eat food then did not come, why have you come now?

Then Hanuman ji said that it is the order of Father Shri, now we will all sit together and eat food. Then Ram ji, Sita ji, Lakshman ji, Hanuman ji sit and eat food.

Similarly, Ramdas used to serve and eat them every day.

It has been 15 days while doing service, one day Ramdas thought that I have 5 people in the house, I do all the work alone, rest of the people rest in the house all day long. My mother, father, uncle, brother do not do any work. The day keeps on eating. I will not let this go.

Ramdas goes to the temple and says father, I have to talk to you about something. Ram ji says, what is the matter son?

Ramdas says that I am the youngest in the house, and I do all the work. From now on I will not work alone, you all will have to work, you just keep on eating all day and I keep working like this Won’t happen.

Ram ji says then tell me son, what work do we have to do? Ramdas said mother (Sitaji) from now on hand over the kitchen to you. And uncle ji (Lakshmanji) you will clean the house.

Bhaiyya ji (Hanuman ji) is strong in body, will go and fetch wood from the forest. Father (Ramji) you bring ration from the market and sit at home and make leaves. Everyone said ok. I did all the work alone for a long time now I will take rest.
Now all working together and living together like a family.

One day when the saint returned from the pilgrimage, he saw that the ashram was shining like a mirror, he was very happy. He went to the temple and saw that the idols were missing from the temple.
The saint thought whether Ramdas had sold the statue or not? The saint called Ramdas and asked where is the god

Ramdas also said sternly that Hanuman Bhaiya must have gone to bring wood to the forest, Lakhan uncle must have been mopping the broom, Father Ram would be becoming a leaf, Mother Sita would be working in the kitchen.

Saint said what is he saying? Ramdas said Baba, I am telling the truth, since you have gone, these four are engaged in work.

Those saints ran to the kitchen and saw only a glimpse that Sita ji is cooking food, Ram ji is making the leaves and then he disappeared and sat in the temple.

The saint went to Ramdas and said today you have made me see my Thakur, you are blessed. And the saint wept and held Ramdas’s feet…!

Being compelled by the devotion of innocent, sincere devotees like Ramdas, even God has to come to lead life like an ordinary man..!!

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