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3 min readNov 22, 2021
What are thought, the word thought refers to the thoughts

What are thought, the word thought refers to the thoughts, beliefs or beliefs that we think about ourselves, others or the world. Thinking about ourselves what is our purpose in life. What do we mean when we say I think about something? This is a very important question and it can be a bit confusing as well. I mean what do I think about something. What do I think, all these things have been given the name of thought. Countless thoughts like these keep running inside us.

Thought is very important in our life. Because the kind of thoughts we think become our actions. Because whatever we think we will do. But we should not let our thoughts do what we do not want to do. Because thoughts can be positive as well as negative. So first we should understand what kind of our thoughts are, only then we should take any kind of decision.

Thought is also defined as using one’s mind to consider something carefully. It is being aware of something and being able to use its mind to consider, understand and form an opinion about it.

Thought is the process by which we move from one thought to another. This is the process of working of our mind. We think about things and jump to conclusions. Thoughts are things we do More important than anything in our life is thinking. Because we do what we think. Thoughts are the expression of our mind. Thoughts are our inner voices that speak to us. But the positive thoughts that lead us to the good path, and the negative thoughts that lead us to the bad.

What is the idea, we have a habit of thinking in everything from the very beginning. No human being is exempt from this. Without thinking we cannot do anything in our life. If we have to do any work in life, then first of all we consider whether it is right for us or not, only then we move forward. Without thinking we cannot do anything in life.

Thoughts are a process in our mind that goes on all the time. When we look at any thing, then we make some idea about that thing. Now the idea that we have made about someone, whether it is good or bad, we need to think very much about it. Because most of our thoughts are wrong. In life, we should think thinking that what we are thinking is wrong or right, because if we do not walk with this thinking then we can also go towards the wrong path. Because thoughts become our actions one day. Now it is up to us whether we have good thoughts or bad.

Our mind is an immeasurable storehouse of thoughts that keeps on changing from moment to moment. It can never stand still. It does not stop from thinking at any stage of our life. When we sleep, it also sometimes comes in front of us in the form of dreams, that is to say, from our birth till death, these thoughts keep going inside us. It is impossible for any human being to stop thoughts.

In order to walk on the spiritual path, first of all emphasis is given to overcome these thoughts because we have to give account of the thoughts from which our actions are formed. That’s why it is always said that whenever someone thinks, think well. Friends, in life we ​​should also try to think well about everything, think well, so that we can escape from the bondage of karma. And take your life in the right direction. Because good thoughts and good thoughts are the hallmarks of a pure soul.

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