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3 min readSep 21, 2021

At the age of 27, the woman saved Rs 7 crore! 5 ways to save to become a millionaire We too can become millionaires by adopting those methods.

A 27-year-old woman has saved more than Rs 7 crore by saving at such a young age. The woman’s plan is that she should retire by the age of 35 by saving as much as possible. The woman has shared 5 tricks (5 tricks to save money) related to her savings. you should also know. and adopt in your life.

There are many people who want to earn more money at a young age so that they can retire before 60 years and enjoy their life. But it is not possible for everyone to do this. Some people do not have enough salary to save big while some people spend more than saving money so that they do not have enough money to save at the end of the month. Would have stayed But today the girl we are going to tell you about, she saved so much money at the age of 29 that she will now retire at the age of 35. is dreaming of.

Caitie T, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, has done such a thing that even people twice her age can not do it many times. Katie is 29 years old and she is dreaming of retiring at the age of 35. To make her retirement worthwhile, she has so far saved more than Rs 7 crore (Woman Saves 7 Crore rupees for Retirement). Katie says that she got the idea to save from a retired early community. On the website of the community, they give ideas for saving. Now that Katie has started saving, she also tells her savings related tricks to others, through which she is saving money.

Reduce unnecessary expenses Katie told that ever since she started saving, she has reduced unnecessary spending. Earlier she used to give gym membership of about 17 thousand rupees. For getting hair and eyelashes set from expensive salons, she used to give around Rs. 44 thousand and Rs. 2 thousand. But now he has cut all these expenses. Sometimes she follows the rule of ‘no spend year’. Under this, she spends only for essential things in a year, apart from that she does not spend on anything related to luxury.

Work where you get more salary, Katie says that earlier she used to work as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. There his salary was less. Then he started working as a graphic designer in a tech company. Here his salary also increased.
Wherever you can invest, definitely do it. When Katie started saving, she already had Rs 22 lakh in her account. After that he started saving. Now she invests money in retirement accounts, index funds, and health savings accounts.

Wherever there is hope to avoid paying rent, save rent, due to Corona, Katie came to stay at her parents’ house. Then she is living with him. Because of this, Katie does not have to pay rent.

celebrate your successes
Katie told that even though she saves 80 percent of her income, but it does not mean that she does not enjoy with friends or does not go anywhere. She has gone on trips many times and often goes for a walk with friends. Katie says that to save, you must believe in yourself that you can do it. If you think this, then no one can stop you from moving forward in life.

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