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2 min readSep 19, 2021

We should always thank God. Because God gave us such a good life, gave us such a good family. We should thank God again and again because God saves us from every trouble, does not allow any trouble to come in our life, but we are so mean that when we have everything, we forget God. We do not have time to remember God. We forget the God who has given us everything in life. We should always give thanks to that God.

But when any small trouble comes upon us, then we start remembering God. This is very wrong. We should remember God at all times. We should give thanks to God even in happiness and we should thank God even in times of sorrow because happiness and sorrows keep coming from time to time in life. We should never forget God at any time.

Let us try to understand this thing through a short story.

From the seventh floor of an under-construction building, the contractor gave voice to the laborer working below!
Due to the loud noise of the construction work, the worker could not hear anything that his contractor was giving him voice.
To attract his attention, the contractor threw down a one rupee coin which fell right in front of the worker.
The worker picked up the coin and put it in his pocket and then went to work.
Now to grab his attention, the supervisor again threw down a 5 rupee coin!
Then 10 Rs. throw a coin
That laborer did the same thing again and kept the coins in his pocket and got busy in his work.
Seeing this, now the contractor took a small piece of stone and
Thrown on the worker, which hit the worker’s head directly!
Now the laborer looked up and started talking to the contractor.
Similar incidents keep happening in our life too.
God wants to contact us, meet, but we
We are so busy in worldly activities that we do not even remember God.
God keeps giving us gifts in the form of small joys, but we do not remember them and not seeing where those joys and gifts come from, use them and do not remember God at all!
God sends us gifts of more happiness, but we still keep it as our fate, do not thank God, forget it!
Then the Lord throws a small stone at us, which we call difficulty, trouble or misery, then we immediately look to the Lord for its solution, remember!
This is what is happening in life.
If we share even our smallest happiness with God by thanking Him,
So we will not have to wait for the stone thrown by the Lord…

Therefore, waking up every morning, the first thing we should do is to thank God for everything that God has given us.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."