Should We Leave Our Work To Others

No, we should never leave our work in the trust of others because when we leave our work in the trust of others, then there is a delay in that work. And even the work is not done properly, instead of being benefited, it becomes a loss.

And many times it happens that the work remains the same, neither that person works nor we are able to do it, so whatever is the responsibility, we should do it ourselves, we should not leave that work on the trust of anyone. .

Because the one whose work is done, he finishes it very quickly, but when someone else’s work is done, then we also think, we will not talk, during this time we also have to suffer if we do the work ourselves, then we know. It will be that in how much time we have to finish this work and when to start this work and with how much responsibility we have to complete this work.

Then somewhere we get success in that work. I try to tell you through a little story

A pair of stork birds lived in a field near a village. That’s where their eggs were. Eggs are large and babies hatch from them on time. But the crop of the field was ripe before the children grew up to be able to fly. The stork should have left with the children before the farmers who were in great worry came to cut the field and the children could not fly. The stork said to the children — “If anyone comes to the field when we are not there, then remember to listen to him.”

One day when the crane returned to the children in the evening with the fodder, the children said — “Today the farmer had come. He roamed around the field, standing at a couple of places and staring at the field for a long time. He used to say that the field is now fit for harvesting. Today I will ask the people of the village to get my farm cut.

The stork said — “Don’t you be afraid! The field will not be cut now, it is too late to cut the field.

After many days, when one day the cranes came to the children in the evening, the children were very nervous-” they started saying. Now we should leave this field immediately. Today the farmer came again, he used to say that the people of the village are very selfish. He does not make any arrangement to cut my field. Tomorrow I will send my brothers and get the field cut.

The crane sat calmly near the children and said — “Now the field is not cut, in two-four days you will start flying well, there is no need to be afraid now.”

Many more days passed and the children of cranes started flying and became fearless. One day in the evening, he started saying to the crane — “This farmer frightens us falsely.” His field will not be cut, he came even today. and used to say Everyone makes excuses that my brothers don’t listen to me. The food of my crop is drying up. Tomorrow I will come early in the morning and cut the field.

The stork said nervously — “Let’s hurry! It’s not dark yet fly to another place. Tomorrow the field will surely be cut.

The children said — “Why? How will the field be cut this time?

The crane said — “As long as the farmer was dependent on the villagers and brothers. The field was not expected to be cut. One who leaves work to others. He does not work, but he who is ready to work himself. His work does not stop When the farmer himself is going to cut the field tomorrow, then the field will be cut.

The stork with its children flew away at the same time and went to another place.

Friends, “He who leaves a work in the trust of others. His work is not done, but the one who is ready to work himself. His work never stops.”

That is why we should never leave our work to others, we should do it ourselves. So let’s do our own work from today onwards. So that our work gets done on time. We just have to believe in ourselves and do our own thing.

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"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."

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Spiritual stories

Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."

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