Should We Fight With The Mind

Should We Fight With The Mind

Our mind often asks for wrong things, then we must fight with this mind. Because the mind is powerful as well as weak, along with being honest it is also dishonest. This mind can lead man to the heights of success and can even reach the extent of destruction. It is very tricky and mysterious, the most destructive and deadly of all human beings is the mind of man.

There is no other instrument which, despite being so complex, is so subtle and which has immense potential. How we use this form of mind is entirely up to us, we can destroy it or else we can use it to our full potential. Such is the power of the mind!

Just think deeply. If we accept all those thoughts which come in our mind, then perhaps we will not be able to even see ourselves. The kind of thoughts that keep going inside us, if we have to express the same, then we ourselves will be blown away. The anger and evils that we have gathered in our mind over the years. We will be stunned when they come to know about them.

Once upon a time, a Muslim fakir was going from the market one day. On the way, he saw a confectionery. He had made very good jalabi. Mana said, I have to eat Jalebi. The fakir did not have money, what to do if he does. He extinguished the mind a lot, but the mind did not listen. Finally came back from there.

The habit of the mind is that from the side it turns, it goes there only. When the night began to do devotion to God, then the Jalebis came in front. The mind did not freeze, it started going out. The fakir got upset and got up and after a while sat again doing devotion. When he sat again, the same thought was revealed again. When it was morning, he went to the forest. Collected a lot of wood from there. If he had the power to lift one wood then picked up two wood sticks

The load of wood was too much. The fakir falls. Tells from your heart that you have to eat Jalebi. Fakir reached the market with great difficulty. Someone asked on the way, what to take with it? The fakir said, give as much money as you want. He gave one rupee. Jalebi was very cheap at that time.

3 kg used to come for one rupee, bought 3 kg of jalebi and took it into the forest. If you ate some of it, then it was full. Tells your heart to eat more. And ate, finally the mind turned around. The fakir then says that eat more. Jalebi and moat were vomited. When vomiting occurs, it is said that eat this vomit as well. Ate it too, then vomited. After all, Mana gave up and said that I will never ask for Jalebi again. So the mind does not come under control. One has to quarrel with this mind, then this mind accepts it.

We become subject to the mind due to our weakness. And make him extremely powerful. We had to make the mind our slave and to run it in our own way, not that we were becoming its slave, nowadays we listen more to our mind and in more cases it has been found that the mind mostly does not talk about goodwill. And it always does its own choice.

But if we give some time to this mind every day, we will explain it and fight with it, then one day this mind starts going in the right direction and thinking of the right things because often the elders have explained that the bigger it is Mind is our enemy, it can prove to be our friend even more than that, just we have to give some time to this mind and explain it and bring it to the right path.

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