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3 min readMay 12, 2021

Yes, we should always speak sweet. Because when a person speaks a sweet dialect, a lot of people go away with him. And whose bid is not good. No human being stands with them ..

Therefore, we should control our speech. Whatever we say, speak thoughtfully. It is said that there is no bone inside this organism. But it definitely breaks bones. We should keep our organism under control.

The person who speaks sweet speech. People yearn to meet them and sit near them. And those whose speech is not sweet, run away from seeing them from a distance. Nobody likes to sit near them. I try to explain it to you through a short story.

In the days of slavery, there used to be many slaves with one owner, one of them was Lukman!
Lukman was just a slave but he was very clever and intelligent. His fame was spreading in the far-flung areas! One day the news came to his boss; he called Lukman and said — listen you are very intelligent I want to test your intelligence if you pass the test, you will be discharged from slavery! Well go cut a dead goat and bring the best part of it!
Lukman obeyed the order and brought the dead goat’s tongue and put it in front of the owner to ask the reason why Lukman brought the tongue — Lukman said — if the tongue is good in the body, everything is good!
The owner gave the order and said — Good take it away and now bring the goat part which is bad!
Lukaman went out and brought the same tongue in a short while and then put it in front of the owner again. On asking the reason again, Lukman said — If the tongue is not good in the body, then everything is bad!
He further said, “Own speech is inherent to everyone, but only someone comes to speak, how to speak, how to speak the words, when to speak? Very few people know this art. Love falls from one thing and the other.” Sparring with talk!
The bitter things have created so many conflicts in the world! This tongue has created great havoc in the world! The tongue is a weapon of three inches with which one can kill a man of six feet, then one can die in a dying person. Even life can burn! Only humans have got the boon of speech in all the creatures of the world; by its good use, heaven can descend to earth and by misuse heaven can also become hell! The war of the destructive Mahabharata of India was the result of wrong use of speech. !
The owner was very happy to hear Lukman’s intelligence and cleverness that today his slave had given him a big lesson, so he freed Lukman!
The sweet voice of the reader is a boon that makes us popular, the same hoarse or shrill speech brings us disrespect and undermines our reputation! Your voice is a reflection of your personality, so try to make it sweet!

So, then whatever we say today, think and speak sweetly, so that no one is hurt or hurt because of us. And we should also have respect in the world. Because the person who speaks sweet speech honors the whole world.

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