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The secret of successful life, how to live a successful life and what is the secret of living a successful life. We try to live a successful life all our lives but still we are not successful, why?

To live a successful life, we have to completely stop comparing ourselves to others. As long as we keep comparing ourselves to others we will never be successful in life. We are not able to live a successful life because we are always looking at others why they are happier than us.

Seeing others happy, we start getting more upset, so we can never be successful in life. Whatever God has given to us, he has given very good. We should not be sad seeing others, but take a lesson from their life and move forward.

To be successful in life, we will never be able to be successful in life until we get satisfaction, so be happy in yourself and focus on your work diligently and move forward in life. We will definitely get success one day.

Let us try to understand this thing through a small incident.

A person asked a mystic — why is there so much love and joy in your life? Why is it not in my life?

The fakir said — I am searching for my being and you are not happy with your being.

Still the person said — Tell me some tricks.

Then the fakir said — I do not know any tricks. Come out with me, this tree is small and this tree is big. I have never seen these two upset that I am small and you are big. Never heard any controversy. I have lived here for thirty years. The younger is happy in being small and the elder is happy in being grown up, because the comparison has not entered. He hasn’t weighed in yet.
A leaf of grass also flutters in the air with the same joy as a big pine tree. A flower of grass also blooms with the same joy as a rose flower. There is no difference between them. There is a difference for you. You will say, this is the flower of the grass, and this is the flower of the rose. But there is no comparison for grass and rose flower, they are both engrossed in their bliss.
One who leaves comparison becomes engrossed and one who becomes engrossed leads a successful life.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."