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3 min readSep 12, 2021

Human birth is a mystery about which till date no one has been able to know why we get this human birth and what is its purpose. Many sages have come to this world who have tried to explain to us the mystery of human birth. We listen to them but do not understand. We get this human birth after 84 lakh yonis.

There is only one purpose of human life, the realization of God. We get human life after passing through 84 lakh yonis. And we just waste this hard-earned human life. We are going towards death moment by moment, but still forgetting our death, we remain immersed in the colors of the world.

Why do we not get God. I try to tell you a very mysterious story through a story, you too please read and understand this story carefully.

A king rode on his horse early in the morning and went through the village to the distant forest. After riding for several hours, he went so far in a dense forest that it was no longer possible to go any further. Holding the reins of his horse, when he looked around, he was frightened to see a lion coming in front of him. He jumped from his horse, climbed a nearby tree and sat on one of its branches. The lion also sat near the same tree waiting for the king to come down and eat it. Steaming this, the king tested the branch on which he was sitting to see if it could bear its weight. But when he saw the length of the branch, he became more nervous because from where that branch emerges there is a white and a black mouse gnawing on the branch. Out of fear, the king started thinking that what should I do now? Now I am badly stuck and there is no way out.

I started thinking that if I run down and run, the lion eats, if I stay sitting, then the rats are biting the twig, I will fall down after all. Then he looks down to see if the twigs are broken and fall down, whether the place is paved or unpaved, only then he trembles after seeing a terrible scene. A dragon is sitting near the lion with its mouth open so that it should fall down and eat it. Very upset that there is no relief in any way, neither sitting nor getting down and running away! When he was holding the wearer, thinking how to save himself, suddenly he saw honey dripping from the beehive on a branch above. He started licking her. He became so engrossed in the joy of honey that neither the lion nor the dragon nor the rats were cared for.

After some time the rats gnawed the twig. The twig broke and fell down. The king was killed in the joy of honey.
Now who is the king in this story? That’s us We have come here with the wealth of age. This which is our body is a rented house and one day it has to be vacated. The lion is Kaal who is looking towards us, that is, the messengers of Kaal or Dharmaraja are calculating moment by moment that so many days, so many hours, so many minutes are left for it. The black rat and the white mouse are day and night, cutting down the tree of our life. The day that is gone today does not have to come tomorrow. What remains is the dragon, that pyre or grave, which is watching with its mouth open to see when it comes and when I should grab it.

The grave says that when you have to come, you have to come only to me, then what is the fear of dying? The pleasures of the world are honey, in which we are so immersed that we are not afraid even when surrounded by such creepy things, but say who saw yesterday.

What we need is that instead of getting lost in the pleasures of the senses, human births engaged in the search of God should take full advantage.

Friends, this is the secret of human life, and this is the purpose of human life. If you liked any then please share it further

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."