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We all have fear of death, fear of death. None of us want to die. There are many people in the world who get scared when they hear the name of death. From the day a person is born in the world, he starts on the path of death. This is the law of nature. Now what is there to be afraid of what is already decided? Maulana Room explains very well about the fear of death. Let us also try to understand this and remove the fear of death from inside us.

Maulana Room has said: Your fear of death is actually your fear of you, think what it is that you are running away from.

We fear death because we don’t know anything about it. We go to someone’s funeral and see people mourning there; this manner of mourning for the departed
By actually we bear our shock. We have always had a deep desire to know that ultimate truth, but the fear of knowing that ultimate truth also always remains in life.

Our every breath is taking us closer to death. Every week, every month, every year that is passing reminds us that death is knocking at our door. We celebrate birthday with great joy but birthday is taking us nearer to death, so actually we should celebrate our death. We rely on a life that rests on the precarious thing of inhaling and exhaling, where any breath we take can be our last.

When we are sleeping, we are not afraid that we will faint: we consider sleep as a means of rest, we like sleep because it brings peace and relaxation and we believe that we are in such a state while sleeping. where we are sure. We should think about death in the same way. If we could experience or know death while we were alive, our fear would surely go away. The veil can be removed from this distinction. This unknown thing may be familiar, so there is no need to be afraid. When we talk of death, some of us tend to act like children do in the dark. Just as children light a candle to overcome fear, we can take the help of our inner light to overcome the fear of death. As the Bible says, if you become one-eyed, your whole body will be filled with light.

When we become completely concentrated while worshiping God, then we can become “one-eyed”, the spiritual “eye” within us can see inside that our whole being is filled with inner light. This light gives us inner knowledge i.e. “Your whole body will be filled with light”. With that light, that inner knowledge, all our fears are dispelled and deep faith is created in us.

There is an anecdote about a Japanese soldier and his wife. He was going towards some island in a small name. Suddenly there was a strong storm and their boat started to shake. He was in danger that the boat would capsize and he would drown. Wife got very nervous. She started trembling and wept and started pleading for her husband to save them. But the husband just sat silently. Terrified, she called out to her husband, “Will you let us drown like this? Won’t you do anything?”

The soldier quietly took out the sword from the sheath and placed it on his wife’s neck in such a way as to slit her throat.
Seeing this the wife started laughing.

The soldier asked the wife, “Why are you laughing? The edge of the sword is very sharp, it will cut your throat at once.”

On this the wife said with full confidence, the sword may be dangerous but it is in your hands. That’s enough for me. I trust you, so I have no fear.”

Putting the sword back in the sheath, the soldier said, “Here the sword is in the hands of my God, that’s why I have no fear.” His faith did not waver.

We have to live every day of our life as if we are preparing to face death because death is irreversible. But death should not be something unknown to us. If we have prepared for death, we can face death anytime, anywhere.

This preparation is devotion to God which should become a part of our life.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."