One-Sided Love

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3 min readAug 27, 2021

What is one sided love? One-sided love means that we get attracted towards a face unknowingly, without knowing anyone, and start loving it in our mind. We like his face. This is just the beginning of one sided love. And this beginning makes our life hell.

One sided love always hurts because we don’t even know whether he has love in our heart or not, he likes us or not, we just think that he is talking to us maybe he loves us too does. Maybe the person in front considers us only as friends, he likes some of our things, so he talks to us. But we do not understand this, just start loving him unilaterally.

Many times it happens that the person in front starts taking advantage of our one sided love. Sometimes financially, and sometimes physically, it weakens us completely mentally. And the one in front takes advantage of this weakness of ours.

Such people only use you to pass their time. Actually, he used to love someone else, but whoever he loves, if he is not present then he passes time to you. But only you are a time pass for them for only a short time and nothing else.
The sooner you start identifying such people, the better it will be for you. Because we are human beings, there is nothing of any use. But people understand you as only one thing, use it and leave it. Our life is very long. We will meet many such people in life, try as soon as possible, if such people are in your life, then get away from them. Because love is the best gift that God has given us. Never waste it on people like this.

Always love the one who loves you. The one who loves you will always understand you. He will support you, he will never let you trouble in life. Because when love is from both sides, both of them support each other in happiness and sorrow, and understand. And stay together for life.

One sided love is the attraction of one face, as we saw the face and liked it, and we started running after it. What is the use of such a race in which we have our own loss? Because a person troubled in love walks on a very wrong path, so stay away from one-sided love in life.

One sided love always ruins a person’s life. Because we run after something that can never be ours. When we do not get that thing, then we start worrying about it day and night. And because of this problem, neither we are able to pay attention to our studies, nor towards our work. It means to say that because of one sided love, we make our life hell.

God has given us such a lovely life, and has also given us such good thoughts. Use your good thinking to move forward in life. When we move forward in our life, the one who loved us will definitely come back to us. So never spoil your life because of one sided love. Focus on your future, and always think of moving forward in life.

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"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."