One Day We Too Will Become News

Yes it is absolutely true that one day we too will become a news. Every person in this world becomes news one day. But there is a very strange thing, we listen to the news of others. But never think about yourself. Surely our heart is sad for only a short time. But then return back to the world.

We always think that we will never leave this world but our thinking is very wrong. No human remains in this world forever. All human beings go back after spending their time, they remain as a news. So friends, as much time as we have got in this world. Be with everyone with love, so that people can remember us after leaving. The world in which living is only for a short time. Why keep fighting there? God has made us human, we should have humanity, be happy yourself and keep others happy too.

*there is a slight difference,*

* in people being alive and not living for a day *

* These many people who have gone, did it ever feel like seeing them? that they will just go away

*without saying anything, without telling*

We had some attachment to all of them, there were some complaints.

There was also some resentment, which we have never said.

* and said, it was not even the one who liked us very much among all those people.

Then suddenly one day the news comes in the morning, they are no more, they are no more*

* means no more, how are you not?*

*how everything changes in a moment*

*All the same people we met just some time ago*

How can they disappear so soon that they will never meet again

*as if he had never said anything*

*don’t live*

* like a lifeless toy,*

*whose key has run out*

* how much was left to say to all of them *

* had to go for a walk somewhere with all of them *

* Had to eat food, also had to do parties *

* had to tell something, had to say something to all of them *

* Many things had to be done, it was useless to say that *

*where could that be too*

*all left*

*they all left*

*we were not all ready*

*neither they were all ready*

*for the sake*

* similarly one day our news has to come, one morning *

*that they are not flourishing*

*Hey people! You will be silent for a minute by saying

* then life will increase further *

*So let’s prepare*

* Keeps the account of all the anger, complaints and compliments.

If life will become lighter, then there will be no weight of regret on the last breath.


*there is a slight difference*

* in people being alive and not living for a day *

Therefore, before becoming news, remove your displeasure and live with love.

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Spiritual stories

Spiritual stories


"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."