One Day Everyone Has To Die

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We all keep thinking that one day we all have to die. Our elders who were before us also die in front of us, but how strange it is, we still think this. Death is such a mystery that no one has been able to understand till date. When a person is to be born, it is known 9 months in advance. When a person is about to die, it is not known even a moment before.

We all have to die one day. Because it is the law of nature. Like the earlier leaves fall on the tree. They dry up and wither, and then new leaves appear. Similarly in this world some people go, and some people come. And it keeps on coming and going.

The person who has come in this world must go one day or the other. Because it is a law made by God. No one can violate this law. Whether a man wants it or not, whether an animal wants it or not, whether a bird wants it or not, death will surely come to him. One who is born on this earth will surely leave this earth one day. It is a different matter that he may come with some other birth next. But even in that birth he will not be alive forever. He will surely die in that birth also.

There are some rules and laws of God like this. Which is very difficult to understand. But this much is certain, whatever rules and laws he has made. The person has to pay the account accordingly.

The only difference is that someone lives for 100 years and someone lives for 50 years only. Someone can live only for 5 years. And the life of some insects is only for a few days or even for a few minutes. When those minutes or those days are over. So he has to face death.

And the most amazing thing is that everything is happening in front of our eyes but still we are not ready to accept that one day death will come to us too. That’s why we ask. That everyone has to die one day?

This is the rule of law. Another surprising thing is that when a human dies or an animal dies. If there is no one to perform his last rites or bury him in the ground, then small insects grow inside that person or animal which eat his whole body. And as soon as the flesh of his body ends, those insects also die.

We have often heard from saints and mahatmas. That when someone is born, his death is written before that. It is also written in the Gita. And it is also written at which place he will die. What time will it be And how will it happen?

Heard a short story somewhere. I want to share that with you. There was a person told by a Mahatma that you are going to die, you will die tomorrow morning. You will die in the morning under this tree. Hearing this, the man was terrified. Then he thought that I go far away from this tree. Then how will I die? The man started running from there, it was evening while running, it also became dark.

Suddenly a strong storm started blowing, the man fell down but he was so afraid of death. He got up again and started running and he sat down under a tree after getting tired and he thought that I have come a long way, now thinking that my death will not come, he slept under the same tree. When he woke up in the morning, his eyes went up to the tree, he was terrified to see that this is the same tree.

Now he understood that when the storm came at night, I had fallen down. After getting up, I started running in reverse, now my death is certain. The person runs as much as he wants, but the place where his death is written. He can’t run anywhere.

This story may be fictional. But this is the truth. That when someone’s death comes, that person definitely reaches that place. We often see that there was no program for anyone to go for a walk, all the programs were made immediately. Some people died in the accident and some survived. What it was, it was no coincidence, his death was calling him there, due to which a program was made and everyone left.

Similarly, we all have to die one day or the other. But we do not have to fear this death. Because what is true and what has to be. We should never be afraid of him. Rather, the life that we have got should be spent with laughter. Because then we do not know whether we will get this human birth or not.

And you have to talk to each one with love because I do not know whether these relationships will also meet again or not.

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