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3 min readOct 24, 2021

Life Thoughts, “Our life is full of many questions, and it is up to us to find the answers. One of the most important questions we should ask ourselves is what is our purpose in this world. What do we want from life? Who are we? What are we doing here? These are questions that can be answered in many different ways, but if you ask me, the answer is simple: I want to live a life where I can be happy, and I can make others happy, too.

Life thoughts, life is not an easy journey. Here we have to go through ups and downs step by step. And there are many challenges along the way. It’s important to realize that things won’t always go the way you want them to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Sometimes, you just have to accept even the things that life gives you.

Life is a series of thoughts, life choices and decisions that we make every day. Sometimes they are trivial, like what to eat for breakfast, what to wear. Other times they are more important, like choosing a career path or deciding and proposing marriage to someone we love. No matter what we do, we make choices; And that is life.

Life Thoughts, Life is a strange and beautiful thing. It is both comforting and intimidating; We are born, live for a limited time, and then we die. But in the meantime, we experience the world around us: the warm sunshine on our skin, the taste of fresh fruit, and the sound of laughter. Life is short and unpredictable; It can be long or it can go in an instant. There is no trust in it.

Life is a mystery that we will never fully understand. It’s a fascinating journey we all embark on, and the destination is uncertain. However, we do know that life is beautiful and worth living; It is an experience that should be thoroughly enjoyed. Because of this, it is important to live life to the fullest and enjoy it as much as you can; Because in life, we are given very few opportunities to do so, we should take advantage of the opportunity whenever we can. Because life is only for a short time.

Life is a beautiful thing. It is a process of survival, and it is one of the most important things in the world. Life should be valued, and everyone should be grateful for it. Life should be cherished, as it can easily be taken away from us due to accidents, diseases or other reasons. Life is a gift God has given to all of us, and we should cherish it as much as possible.

I am an optimist and I think the world is a beautiful and friendly place. I believe that you can do good to people and help the world by treating people with respect and kindness. I firmly believe that good things happen to those who smile. I am also an avid reader and love to write stories that I hope to share with others. I hope you will also like this article.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."