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4 min readNov 27, 2021
we started to realize that life is indeed very difficult

Life is very difficult, when we were little we used to find this life very easy. We knew what we wanted to be when we grew up and we believed that we would achieve our goals. As we grew up, we started to realize that life is indeed very difficult. Things that seemed easy to us when we were young, but when we actually encountered it, we realized how difficult it is. We have to face many failures in life. While small we had set the goal of our life, when we could not achieve that goal then we realized that life is very difficult.

Sometimes life seems too difficult. When we face challenges, we sometimes feel that we will be defeated by these challenges of life. Life has never been one’s without challenges. We must face it firmly. Life is difficult for everyone but we should not give up on it.

Life is not easy for the youth of today. Life can be very difficult. Sometimes we feel that we have no direction, at that time we do not understand what to do, which way to go. This problem comes to almost everyone in life. But at that time we should proceed only after thinking well, because one wrong step of ours can make life more difficult.

Many times it happens that a big challenge comes in front of us, at that time we feel that now we will not be able to move forward. At that time we must take someone’s help, this is the only option to get out of this big challenge. Talking to someone can give us the right direction. Talking to a friend or family member can relieve some of the tension and help guide us.

Life seems very difficult at that time. When we feel completely alone. At that time we do not understand where we have to go, we feel that we have no friend or support in the world. This is the biggest time of our examination. A strong person is the one who can overcome these challenges.

Life has never been easy for anyone, all the human beings in this world have to fight in this life, face the difficulties of life. Man becomes successful only after overcoming these difficulties of life. We should never run away from these difficulties in life, rather we should face them.

We have had a lot of dreams in our childhood that we will grow up to become this, that we will become, all human beings must have seen some dream in childhood, but when they face reality, they do not understand that now What to do. If we want to fulfill these dreams in life, then we will have to fight with these difficulties, and only then we will be able to fulfill our dreams.

I had heard a story in my childhood that a war broke out between two states. One of them lost the king. He ran into the forest to save his life. He hid in a cave in the forest and sat down. The king was feeling very humiliated. He wanted to end his life. The king who defeated him had a huge kingdom, and a huge army. The king was very disappointed.

One day the king was lying in the cave with a sad heart. Then his eyes went towards a small spider. The spider was trying to climb the wall. The king looked at her with great interest. The spider would climb the wall and slip, the spider was repeatedly trying to climb the wall. The walls were so smooth, the spider would fall over and over again. But the spider did not stop climbing the wall. At last the spider managed to climb the wall. When the king saw this, he started thinking that a small spider did not give up, I am a human, and I also have an army. Thinking this, the king came out of the cave and gathered his army. and attacked another kingdom. The king fought very bravely and defeated the other king and took back his kingdom.

The meaning of this story is that friends, everyone faces difficulties in life, whether they are humans, whether animals, whether insects, moths, everyone has to face difficulties in their life. We also have to take lessons from this story and move towards our goal, and overcome all the difficulties of life. No matter how difficult life is, we never give up.
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