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Life is such a mystery that man has been eager to know since time immemorial. Man has been making many efforts to know this secret of life, but till date no one has been able to understand this secret of life.

Life has been called a mystery because the thing about which we do not know anything, despite our lakhs of efforts, when we do not understand it, then we give it the name of a mystery.

To know this secret of life, scientists have been trying for many years, to know this secret, research is being done all over the world, but despite so many efforts, scientists have definitely achieved some success.

There will be many such intellectuals in the world who claim that they know the secret of life, but they too can not give any proof about it. The secret that man could not know for billions of years, we do not think that he will be able to know about it in the coming time.

Some of the world’s biggest scientists have achieved only this much success, they can tell how long life has been in this world, but they also estimate about how long ago life started here, the exact date and the right time. Till date no one has been able to tell how long life is in this world.

Life is a wonderful mystery. It seems to defy the laws of science, yet it is everywhere. how did it start? why are we here? These are questions that have been asked since time immemorial, and yet there is no answer.

Life is a mystery. No one knows for sure how it began and how it will end. All we know is that life on Earth has always been and will continue to change, and the way nature works is truly amazing.
Life is a mystery. It is a miracle that we know anything about it, let alone the vast amount of information that scientists have gathered over the years. We have been able to piece together some of the big questions about life, such as how it begins and develops, but there are still no answers to a lot of questions.

Life is a mystery. It has existed on Earth for billions of years, and yet we still know very little about it. We have just begun to unravel the surface of this puzzle, and yet we know that there are many more mysteries to be uncovered.

Life is a mystery. Each of us is a miracle, and yet we are just beginning to understand how we got here and how we fit into the natural world. The world of nature is much bigger than we think, and there are still many mysteries to be discovered. There is much to be learned about life, and yet it remains one of the greatest mysteries to us.

Today we are only beginning to understand how life works and appreciate the beauty of the vast life forms of our planet.

Life is a mystery. It seems to defy the laws of science, yet it is everywhere. how did it start? why are we here?

Life is a mystery. We’ve done a lot of work on living cells, but we still don’t have all the answers. And we may never know the exact process by which cells replicate. It also makes us wonder whether life on Earth was created by a miracle or the result of a slow burning process.

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