Is it Love if Not What is Love

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Is it Love if Not What is Love

Nowadays there is always the dilemma among young boys and girls, that the one I love, does he also love me. Thinking about this, both boy or girl get very upset. And many times, their relationship is also broken by this matter. Is this love.

Nowadays, boy and girl die at the first sight, dying at each other. Within a few days, without understanding each other, we plan for life. But after a few days, even a small thing happens in it. So this planning is kept away. Is this love.

Nowadays, boys and girls fall in love with each other, they start loving each other. Meet today, from the very next day, the vows of love started to roam, they started spending their time with each other, slowly as they started coming closer, which were seen in each other’s strengths. Gradually, they started turning into shortcomings, then a fight was fought among themselves. Never to come on time, never to pick up the phone, never to care. Big fights started on small things only. Is this love.

Nowadays, boys meet girls. They talk on the phone and many times in between, they don’t even meet for many days, just took a call sometimes and said, I miss you so much, I love you so much, if you get time, I will definitely call you or Will do Is this love.

Love is a beautiful feeling Sleep opens in the morning. May he be remembered? When his face comes in front, look at it again and again, feel like talking to him. Heart to hear his voice, this is love.

Wait to see a glimpse of it from morning to evening. No matter how much fight is fought between each other, but still try to take a look at it, it is love.

Love never happens at first sight, there is only an attraction at first sight. Which ends after a short time. It is very important to understand each other for love. Without understanding each other, love cannot exist. When both understand each other. Then both are well aware of each other’s shortcomings and strengths. Then the two do not fight with each other about these wasteful things. Even if there is a fight, they convince each other on their own. This is love.

When both are away from each other, there is no time to meet each other with your family or between your friends. Or even if you are busy with your studies, if you remember her, feel alone then this is love.

If I get true love in life, life becomes very beautiful, both start understanding their responsibilities right from the beginning, they pay more attention to their studies and help each other in moving forward. There is no obstruction in the way of each other. This is love.

Even if you get the happiness of the whole world. But you are still depressed feeling very lonely yourself. If you miss your partner and want to meet him again and again, this is love.

If there is a fight between each other. As much as possible estrangement happens. But still remember him, to talk to him, to have a heart to meet, because a man also fights a fight with the one he loves,

If love is true, it feels like this. As if life has changed at all, whether life changes or not, love definitely changes us. Love teaches us to live. Love does not mean that we stay together all the time, love is that which is love even when we are away, we are concerned about each other, remember each other, and even when we are away, we feel more love. , This is love, this is called love.

If there was no love in life, then perhaps this life of ours would have been absolutely colorless. Without love, this life of ours is completely incomplete. Love happens not only in humans but in animals and birds in all, this world cannot exist without love. God has given this gift of love to the entire work.

True love is rarely found in today’s world. We must have heard many stories of true love like Heer Ranj, Romeo Juliet, all of them have become an example of love. Which we still remember them today.

Let’s truly love each other and become each other throughout our lives.

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