Is Everything Happening To Us The Result Of Our Actions

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3 min readApr 15, 2021

First of all, we should understand that Karma theory is far from our understanding. The law of deeds is very deep and complex. The deeper we go to understand this, the more complex it becomes. No matter how much we hit the walls, no matter how much we scrutinize, question, argue about it, no matter how many books we read, how much we try to understand destiny, accumulated and actionable deeds, no matter how indulgence yoniya and karma vagina Discuss about, but there will be no use in it because we can never fully understand the Karma principle.

The more we ask, the more our dilemma will increase. No one has told us the truth about the mystery of life and death by returning back after death. It will always remain a mystery. There is no end to karma theory, it is like a sea that has no end. Our mind cannot understand its importance because the scope of our intelligence is very small, whenever the law of nature is eternal. We know that our actions are the result of our thinking, our words and our actions, and we have to live with them.

So before we start the question of which there is no satisfactory answer, let us accept that the principle of “do as you please” will be true and there is no doubt about it. It is described in the Bible as, “A man will reap what he sows”.

We have to make such a state of mind that the mind accepts that whatever is happening to us is the reason for our karma.

The people we meet, the people we interact with, the ones we get happy with, those who give us happiness, those who give us happiness, those who hurt us, they themselves are sad, life — death is all that is our whole Life is based on our deeds. If we accept this, then it will be easy for us to compromise our situation. If we go more in depth, then the endless series of questions will continue, which will increase our confusion further.

Why bother the mind about things which we cannot understand? It would be better if we accept them and compromise with them.

An architect who worked for a big company for many years was asked to build a beautiful house. He was told that to build this house, he should not care about the expenses, he should put good things and the best craftsmen. During the construction of the house, the architect thought that a lot of money was being invested in this work. He decided to use poor respect to earn more money from this project. When the house was ready, the chairman of the company handed over the key of the house to the architect and said that this house is being given to him as a reward for working diligently and diligently for the company for so many years.

The architect had built such a poor house for someone else, but he got the result of his own deeds. This is karma.

After passing through many lower vagaries like tree plants, animals and birds, we get human vagina which is the best vagina of the world. Man is said to be the creator of creation because man has a conscience, due to which he can decide right and wrong. With our every thought, our words and actions create karma and wrong thoughts, wrong words and wrong actions create bad deeds. After all, every human being is bound by his own deeds.

We have tried to understand that whatever happens to us, it is our own. In other words, we are the creators of our own destiny — what we give comes back to us. In this way the law of deeds is like a rule. This is an unalterable law that runs the entire creation from beginning to end.
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