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4 min readApr 29, 2021

Our thinking has a very deep impact on us, we become the way we think. Because our thinking only decides in which direction we have to go and what to do. It is only because of our thinking that if someone is in this world, then someone is unconscious.

Thinking takes us forward and our thinking downwards also brings us down. When we keep our thinking good, we will always do good work and will be ahead. Our attachment to the things that we consider ourselves. And you do not think you are ours, we do not have even a little love with them, the difference is only with our thinking. Let’s try to understand it through the story.

One city had a luxurious and luxurious house. He was considered to be the most beautiful house in the city. People would not have been able to live without admiring him.

Once the owner of the house went out of town for a few days for some work.
When he returned a few days later, he saw smoke coming out of his house. On going closer, he was seen flaming from the house. His beautiful house was burning. There was a crowd of spectacles, who were watching the spectacle of the burning of that house.

Seeing his beautiful house burning in front of his own eyes, that person got worried. He could not understand what to do now? How to save your house from burning? He started pleading for help from the people to somehow save his house from burning.

At the same time his elder son came there and said, “Father, do not panic. everything will be alright.”.

Some angry father said, “How should I not panic?” My beautiful house is burning. ”.

The son replied, “Father, sorry. One thing I could not tell you till now. A few days ago I found a great buyer for this house. He offered me 3 times the price of the house.
The deal was so good that I could not refuse and I settled the deal without telling you. “

Hearing this, the life of the father came to life. He breathed a sigh of relief and stood up comfortably, as if everything had gone well. Now he, like other people, became a spectacle and saw that house burning.

Then his second son came and said, “Father, our house is burning and you are standing here comfortably watching it burn. Why don’t you do something? “

“Son is not a matter of concern. Your elder brother has sold this house at a very good price. It is no longer ours. So it doesn’t matter now. “ Father said.

“Dad brother, I have made a deal. But the deal is not finalized yet. We have not received any money yet. Now tell me, who will pay for this burning house? “

Hearing this, the father became worried again and started thinking how to control the flames. He again started pleading for help from the people standing nearby.

Then his third son came and said, “Father, there is really no reason to panic. I am coming now to meet the man from whom the elder brother had done the house deal. He has said that I am sure of my tongue. My ideals say that no matter what happens, you should stick to your tongue. Therefore, whatever happens, if you have given the language, then I will definitely take the house and I will give its money as well. ”.

The father again became relieved and saw the house burning.

Learning: Friends, the behavior of a person in the same situation can be different and this behavior is due to his thinking. Take for example the owner of a burning house. The house was the one that was burning.
But his master’s thinking changed many times and with that thinking his behavior also changed. Actually, when we get attached to something, we feel sad when it is snatched away or gone away. But if we see something different from ourselves.

So we feel a different freedom and grief does not touch us. Therefore, to be sad and not completely depends on our thinking and mindset. By keeping control of the thinking or giving it the right direction, we can not only avoid many sorrows and troubles, but can also achieve new heights in life.

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