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3 min readJul 15, 2021


I Am Very Disappointed With Life What To Do


One should never be disappointed in life because life is the name of hope. From the day we come to this world, it continues for the whole life. But we should never be disappointed it doesn’t happen only with us alone. Everything in this world happens with humans.

Despair depends on our mental state. If we keep our thinking positive, then we will never be disappointed in life, what are we disappointed for. Because of my work, because of my lack of interest in studies, because of my relation or because of my friends.

1. Every person does some work in his life. Some work, some do their business. The job worker is also disappointed with his job that my job is not good, my salary is low, my expenses are high. And the businessman also says that my work is not going well, what should I do. The reason why we are disappointed, we should pay good attention towards our job, what is the lack in my work, which I can overcome, if I keep my thinking positive, then I will never be disappointed in life.

2. The second thing comes to the children of today who get frustrated on small things that I do not feel like studying or whatever I am studying is very difficult, thinking that my result will not be good. They keep getting frustrated and nowadays it has also been heard that they also take some wrong steps in depression. which they should not do. Why do not you feel like studying, due to which this problem is coming because everything in life has some reason or the other. If we come to know the reason, then we will never be disappointed in life, we will also feel like studying and our results will also be good, life is called hope, there should be no place for despair in it.

3. And the third biggest reason which is there nowadays is that if there is a slight dispute in the relationship, then we become very disappointed, do not know what to think. There is definitely a solution to every problem in life. But we do not go towards the solution of the problem, rather we complicate it even more. So before having a cold mind, think about the problem, what is the problem and how can we solve it. If we think about this thing then we will never be disappointed in life. There is an old saying, “Zindagi zindadili ka naam hai murda dil kya khakha kehte hai”.

So friends, remove the word despair from your life. And always keep a hope in your heart that everything will be alright. When our thinking becomes like this, then we will never be disappointed in life and will always be happy.

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"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."

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