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There is a lot of running in life nowadays, a person keeps working hard day and night to earn money. To make your life comfortable But does life become comfortable even after working so hard? The more a person works hard, the more running the person does, the more tension arises in his life.

As a result of doing more work, he brings all his work to do at home also. Because of this, tension starts to arise in his house as well. He has absolutely no time for children, for wife, for family. Due to this tension also arises between the family members. Now we had worked so hard to make life comfortable, but due to this stress, the rest is completely lost. Instead of happiness in the house, fight starts quarreling. What is the use of working so hard and working so much?

Then what should we do to avoid this stress that there should be happiness at home and we can also do our work comfortably. Children and family should also be happy with us, I try to understand this thing through a short story.

A person used to work as a sales manager in a multinational company. With his savings, he built a luxurious house outside the city. Being out of town, that area was somewhat deserted.

The man started living in his new house with his wife and children. He would leave for work early in the morning and return late in the evening.

Seeing such a luxurious house in a deserted place, a group of thieves planned to steal there. Before the theft, those managers started going around the house to take stock of the activities of his house.

On the very first day, he noticed a strange behavior of the manager. After coming home, he first went to the mango tree in his garden and started taking some one by one from his office bag and started putting it somewhere in the tree.

With the manager’s back towards the thieves, the thieves could not see what he took out of his bag and put it in the tree. He guessed that it must be something valuable.

The thieves ambushed the manager’s house and waited for it to get dark. When the lights of the house went out in the night, he was relieved that everyone in the house was asleep.

They entered the house by climbing the wall and went straight to the mango tree. Then without wasting time they started searching for the manager’s hiding thing there. But even after searching a lot, they could not find anything. Eventually, exhausted, they returned.

The next day he again sat hiding near that house. When the manager came back from the office, the thieves’ eyes fell on him again. Like the previous day, he first went to the mango tree and took it out of the bag and started putting something in it. Then he went inside the house.

After the lights of the house were turned off that night, the thieves again reached the wall over the mango tree and started searching for the things which the manager had hidden there. But they didn’t get anything on that day.

For a few days, he kept searching near the mango tree every night. But nothing happened to him. They get upset that how the manager hides those things in the tree that even the clever thieves like us are not able to find them. Now the curiosity of knowing this secret arose more than stealing in the thieves.

Finally, on Sunday, to satisfy their curiosity, they all reached the manager’s house to meet him. He greeted the manager like a gentleman.

Then the chief of thieves said, “Sir….Please don’t feel bad. I wanted to ask you one thing. We are thieves. For the past few days, there are plans to steal your house. We see everyday that you come home in the evening and put something in the mango tree. But even after lakhs of efforts, we could not find those things. We all are restless to know that how do you hide things there that they are not found?

The manager laughed after listening to the thieves, then said, “Hey brother…..I don’t hide anything there. You guys have got a misunderstanding.

“No sir, we have seen it. Every evening you take something out of your bag and put it in the tree. You hide something there. The thief spoke in one voice.

Now the manager got serious and said, “I am a sales manager in a multinational company. The work pressure is very high. Due to which there is bound to be tension. In any case, the target has to be met. For this, there is a daily hesitation with someone or the other. You have to listen to the taunts of the customer. The boss has to face scolding. The mental stress is so much that even after coming home, he does not go. Earlier, my stress was often unnecessarily used by my family members.

After stopping for some time, the manager started telling further, “….When I got this new house built, I thought that I would keep the atmosphere of this house peaceful. I will never bring office stress home. That’s why after coming home, I first go near the mango tree and put all my stress there one by one. The amazing thing is that by the time I go to pick it up the next day, half the tension has disappeared. Whatever little is left, I take it with me. But then when I come home in the evening, I leave the tension near the tree. That is the secret of the tree.”

After listening to the manager, the thieves understood the secret of the tree. They could not succeed in stealing. But he did get a great lesson in life. Education:-*
Friends! In today’s era, the means of comfort and convenience in life are increasing and life is becoming comfortable. But somewhere the tension is also increasing.
* Often you must have seen that people bring the stress of their work to their home. In this way they are not able to live peacefully even at home, as well as affect the family members with their stress. Is it necessary to carry a load of stress all the time? Isn’t life getting a little more difficult this way? Stress cannot be eliminated immediately. But at least being with family members at home, stress can be kept away and happy moments can be spent with them.* * so whenever you come home, leave the stress outside.*

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