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How Can we Make Our Nature Good


We can make our nature good by always being happy. Because if we have happiness, then only then we will be able to give happiness to others. And if we remain unhappy on our own, then we will hurt others as well, nothing except that. Because whatever a person has, he can give something to someone. What he will not have, what will he give to others, so we have to be happy first of all so that we can keep others happy as well.

Many times we make ourselves so sad that we start being very upset. Everyone starts hating our nature. This happens when we think too much about something. Nowadays it is like this, if two people call a person good here, two people will also say bad. We put bad things on our hearts and start thinking sadly, which causes irritability in our nature.

We should not care about the world, we should listen to our heart, what our heart says. We just have to keep in mind that no one can hurt anyone because of us and no one should get hurt due to us. One must always think only to please others.
Once upon a time, there was a girl who always wanted to keep everyone happy. He made one of his motives that I have to keep everyone happy. If anyone is in front of me, if he is unhappy, I have to make him happy, I have to make him laugh. He started this work and started sharing happiness with everyone. But the sufferings were no less with him. He also had a lot of grief, but he never shared his sorrows with anyone. Happiness was always shared with everyone. Even if someone was unhappy and told him his grief, he would solve it in minutes and make him happy. Because of this, many of his friends were made. With whom she also started to be happy.

Suddenly one day it came, the girl was surrounded by clouds of sorrows, the girl became very upset. Now the girl who used to make everyone happy, who used to see only laughter on her face. Seeing his sad face started getting upset, then everyone thought together. It has helped us so much, has always tried to keep us happy, so why should we also keep it happy, then why should we also help it. Then everyone started helping him together and tried to get him out of that misery. It took some time but he was taken out of that misery.

He was also surprised that I used to be very happy to see that those people who used to be very unhappy earlier, are busy in making him happy these days, but in the meantime some friends started getting angry with his thing that everybody is the same Everyone praises the same, when there is a problem with us, then why do not all these people stand with us, why do we not share our sorrow and pain, only this one, our happiness and sorrow increases, the rest of us Why not do it

He saw this thing that does not support him all the time, but he never looked at himself that we have supported many, we have kept many happy, because of good nature, all of his friends have been made, if we had good nature then today our There would have been many friends too. It is the practice of this world that the person who gives it gets the same thing twice as well. If someone sits happily, then he will surely get happiness, if someone sits grieving, he will surely get sorrow as well.

Let me tell you some ways to create good nature, if we take it off in life, then maybe we can become good examples.

1. Ignore the words of the people.
2. Do not take people’s words to heart.
3. Do not cry your grief in front of anyone.
4. And always be happy.
5. Do not consider yourself less than anyone.
6. Always keep your goal in front of you.
7. Help everyone. That too selfless.
8. Take care of yourself. It is also your responsibility to keep yourself happy.
9. Always learn to forgive others.
10. Find happiness in every small thing, because only small happiness turns into great happiness again.

If we take these things in our life, then maybe our nature can become good nature.

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