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3 min readMay 20, 2021

Do you have to face troubles to become a great person

Yes, all the great people have come in this world. They have faced many difficulties. He fights with those difficulties and moves forward in his life. So they know every stage of life.

They solve every problem very quickly because they are coming out of those problems. They do not lose their patience. Because they know this problem has come in my life and we definitely have to fight this problem. Therefore, he always maintains his balance. That is why they treat each and every person with great love and always tell them some way or other to get out of these problems because they are speaking from their own experience.

I try to explain it to you through a short story.

A child asks his father. Papa, what is the meaning of the word great, I have read a lot of places that the person was great, he did it, he did it. You have to explain to me who are great people and how they become great.

The father said okay — the father thought of an idea to explain the meaning of the great word to the son — he said to the son, let’s bring 2 plants, plant one inside the house and the other outside the house. After planting the father, the father They say, son, which of these two plants do you think will grow bigger and be safe?

The son said- Father, this is also a asking thing, the plant which is inside our house is safe, it will be big but the outside plant is not safe at all, it will have to withstand a lot of weather. It can be eaten by any animal. Stay calm and they said son, I will answer it when the time comes.

The son goes out for 4 years to study and when he comes back, looking at the plant inside the house, Papa said, “I said no, nothing will happen to this plant, it will be safe. The father smiled and he said son a little outside Come on, look at that other plant.

When the son goes out and sees, a huge tree is there, the son is not sure how he has become so big, whereas the plant inside the house is 100 times smaller than that. The plant became such a big tree because it faced every season, faced thousands of difficulties.

But because the plant inside was safe, it did not face any weather, nor did it get sunlight properly and it did not become big. Remembering that this person can become great in the world like this tree, who has thousands of problems. You have faced it, and the one who will think to be safe like a tree inside will never become great.

Friends, you become miserable in some work. You get less number or if you get spread in studying, then you become miserable. If you give up in the middle, then you will not be able to grow up in your life like the tree inside the house. Great people have spread many times before becoming great, only then they can become great. Even after that, you are adamant about your work, understand that no one can stop you from becoming great.

Say one thing to yourself — no matter how many difficulties come in my way, even if I break down and go away, but I will be able to find my destination, no matter what cost I have to pay for it.

Therefore, we always have to work patiently and share our life experience with each and every problem, so that it too can get out of this problem very easily.

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Spiritual stories

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