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2 min readJul 1, 2021

Home Remedies For Knee Pain


The problem of pain in the knees is nowadays almost everyone after the age of 50. If we go to a hospital. So the doctors give us only one advice, that get your knees changed. In which lakhs of rupees are spent. Do you know that you can easily treat it at home. That too without money. It can be used by people of any age.

*Never change your knees*

After 50 years, gradually the formation of lubricants and calcium from the joints of the body decreases.

Due to which joint pain, gap, calcium deficiency, etc. problems come to the fore,

Due to which modern medicine advises you to replace the joints,

So many financially wealthy people believe that we have a lot of money.

So get your knees changed.

But do you know what nature has given us,

That modern science cannot make any science either.

You can recover within a short period of time for 2–4 years by getting an artificial joint fitted.

But later you will suffer a lot.

Today I am telling you the exact treatment of joint replacement.

Take note of that and yes, reach out to thousands of needy people who are unable to spend lakhs of rupees for replacement.

You must have seen a tree named *Babool*.

It stands on its own without being planted everywhere in India.

If this tree named Acacia had been in such quantity in America or abroad, today the same people would have looted thousands of rupees from us by making their medicine.

But the people of India do not appreciate what they get for free.

to be used like this

* The * pod (fruit) that comes on the tree of * acacia *, break it and bring it,

Either you can not find it in the city, then go to any village, you will get as many as you want, dry it and make powder.

And after eating 1 spoon in the morning with lukewarm water, after taking it for 2–3 months, your knee pain will be completely cured. And to take advantage of this quickly, take one hundred grams of both Mahanarayan oil and Mahavishagarbha oil for massage and put both the oils in the same vial, and massage the painful area with this oil in the morning and evening.

Be sure to refrain from drinking a little food, fried things, more chili spices, and tea, if you avoid these things during this medicine, then your pain will be cured forever.

you won’t need to change your knee

This message should be sent to every Indian and every person suffering from knee pain so that the knee of a poor person can be saved.

Experts say that if every person reading this message sends it to 10 people/group, then he can save at least one person’s life.

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