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Many times, we should also give such help in life that no one knows, and it also gets help. Because the person who seeks help is very helpless. But when he is getting help, he is very sad. Because somewhere, no person wants to seek help, but if there is any compulsion, then he has to ask for help from the people. But after that he is also very embarrassed. The one who has helped, one or two people do not know how many people tell me that I have helped it. There are many people in the world who help and tell a lot, we should never do this.

Therefore, we should try that if we really want to help someone, then we should help him without telling him. Because when we help someone without telling them, their trust in God increases. And he feels as if that God has done a miracle. He thanks him, it is a big deal that because of us, if someone can thank that God. And this will be possible when we help someone without telling them. Now the question arises whether we can help anyone without telling them and how?

I try to tell you through a story. There was a tree on which the pigeons built a nest. Both the pigeon and the pigeon lived together on it, he was very happy. One day the pigeon laid eggs there, and kept it with love for a long time, and a few days later the children came out of them. The pigeon flies daily and brings pimple to the children. And used to bring children and feed them. Now when the children got older, he taught them to fly. Those children had just learned to fly a little.

A strong thunderstorm came. And the children fell down. It was night time, he could not see anything, he was flapping his wings and started walking on the ground because he could not fly. One of the children reached the forest when it was morning, he saw that the forest was a forest all around. He started trying to fly again and again, but could not fly.

A pigeon was sitting all over the floor looking away. The pigeon laughed loudly after seeing him. Started making fun of him. And said to the other pigeon, “It will never fly in life, it does not fly at all.” He has never learned to fly. And he himself keeps flying from here to there and repeatedly taunting that little pigeon.

The pigeon child also tried to fly but then it would fall downwards. And as soon as he falls down, the pigeon laughs loudly and taunts him. Then the little pigeon got angry and he took off and he started flying in the high sky. Seeing this, the pigeon who was laughing at him became more happy. And started saying that I succeeded.

The second pigeon asked him how you were successful. He told that I wanted to teach the pigeon to fly with this little one who had learned it and now flew, the other pigeon said that you could teach it to fly anyway. What was needed?

So that first pigeon said that if I had taught it to fly, it would have been worried throughout my life that I have learned to fly with the help of someone. But now it will fly whenever. It will remind me of what I said. And fly with passion. And he will always remember. That I have learned how to fly so that’s why he will fly every time.

In the same way, when we see someone in trouble, then we should also find a solution that helps the person in front and he does not even know. And he was always moving forward in life.

So let us consider again from today that whatever we have to help, it is not to show off, to help from the heart and to do it without being told.

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Spiritual stories

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