Good Habits

Good Habits

Whenever in life we ​​try to follow the right path. So there are many difficulties in between. Our own people try to pull us back. Because very few people who run on the truth are found in the world. The biggest reason for this is that our own selves become the biggest obstacle in our path. They make fun of us. Laughs at us. And when we still do not listen to them, sometimes we fight with us.

They have only one purpose. Pulling us back from the path of truth. But in spite of their efforts, we should never step back from the path of truth because in this world it is the most difficult task to walk on the path of truth. And we have to complete this difficult task irrespective of the difficulties encountered along the way. Without anger, keep on moving on your path. Because if we were angry, then we would not be able to move forward, so go ahead smiling and heard a small incident long ago.

Once upon a time, a monk was sitting on the banks of the Ganges. That a scorpion came flowing in the water, the monk saw that scorpion and with his hands out, took the scorpion out of the water. The scorpion bitten the monk in the hands of the monk, but the monk felt a lot of pain, but the monk saw the scorpion fall into the water again. The monk then extended his hand and took out the scorpion. The scorpion then bitten the monk. The monk again ached. And it is not known how many times the scorpion fell into the water again, but the monk used to repeatedly throw the scorpion out of the water, a man standing nearby was watching that the monk showed his generosity and took out the scorpion.

But the scorpion bites the monk’s hand. Neither is the sage abandoning the scorpion. No more scorpion monk cutting. The man went to the monk and said, Sadhu Maharaj, this scorpion is biting you again and again. Blood is coming out in your hand, but why are you still saving its life again and again. The monk said when the scorpion was not giving up his habit. So how do I leave my habit of being a monk.

There was only one purpose to tell you this small topic that no matter how many problems have come in life, how many problems have come, people keep telling you anything, even if it is your own. He will try hard to pull you back, but if you ignore all those things, then one day he will be silent on his own.

Therefore, you should never give up your goodness in life because it is always good with the good. Even a true and good person likes God. We just have to take care of God’s choice. If not the choice of the people of the world, let’s go on the path of truth and goodness from today itself. Overcoming all the world’s obstacles.

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"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."