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3 min readSep 11, 2021

Whatever God does, he does it for our good. But we don’t know why we think that God is doing wrong to us. God knows more than us what is right and wrong for us. Whatever God does, there must be some secret in it. But we always say that we do not know what crime we have committed that God is doing this to us. Sometimes it happens that something ends in our life. But we should think that God might want to give us something better than this.

Whatever God does, he does well. To explain this, I am going to tell you a story, hope this will make you understand that whatever God does, he does it for our good.

An elderly fakir lived in a village in northern India. The people of the village often used to visit him for advice. Suddenly a disease spread in that village and all the chickens and chickens of the village died. The villagers went to the fakir and said, “Mahatma, all the chickens of our village have died even the chickens and the little chicks, what should we do?

The Mahatma only said, “Whatever God does, he does good.”

After a few days some such disease spread that all the dogs of the village died. The villagers then went to the Mahatma and prayed, “Mahatma ji, all the dogs in the village are dead. Now without dogs, who will guard the village from thieves? What should we do? The Mahatma again said, “There is no good in this too.” will be Whatever God does, he does for good.
There were no matches in those days. The people in the village usually kept the fire in ashes. After some time after the death of the dogs of the village, such a tremendous storm and rain came in the village that the fire of the whole village was completely extinguished. People became even more sad at this. Where did people go to the Mahatma, “Mahatma! Now the whole village’s fire has also been extinguished. What to do?” The Mahatma again said, this is even more mercy of God.” People asked the Mahatma, “Mahatma, what is the matter of mercy in this, when we do not even have fire to cook food?”

The Mahatma said, wait and see. It is not so easy to understand the pleasure of God, have some patience.

People did not like this and prayed again, “Mahatma! Pray in our favor. The Mahatma replied, OK! Wait one more day, then you will know by yourself.” People did not believe and said, let’s go, it keeps saying like this.

Only a day had passed when a king was slaughtering and passing by that village, he said that there are trees here, but neither dogs bark, nor chickens bark, nor smoke comes out. There seems to be no population here. Leave it, saying this, he left the village.

Now the villagers came to know why all this happened. He went to the Mahatma and thanked him sincerely. The Mahatma said, Brothers, thank you that you are all well, nothing bad can happen to those who are blessed by God.

That is why it is said that there is some secret in everything of the Mahatmas. Those who obey the command of God are the real servants

See friends, whatever your God does, he does it only for our good. Friends, if you like this post of mine then please share like and comment.

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