Does Hard Work Make Money

Does Hard Work Make Money

We listen often. That those who eat hard-earned money are never in shortage. They know. That is so much of my work. And I have to spend only this much, he is happy in what he earns. Then there is also happiness in his family. Because we have often heard the proverb from the elders as the food will be like mind. If you work hard and earn happiness. So always be happy. We have often heard a story which is also recorded in history.

There is a king named Naseeruddin Mohammad in Delhi. One of his rules was to spend nothing for himself from the treasury, to live with his hard-earned money. what was his job? Free from the court’s work, write Quran Sharif with his own hand and give it to his servant, with the idea that people should not pay more than reasonable price, and tell him to sell it in the market. The king would save himself and his family with the money he brought by selling a book.

The servant who worked with the emperor had several months’ salary left with the emperor. Once a letter came from the servant’s house that the phone should come home. The servant said to the emperor, Give me my salary, a letter has come from my house! I want to go to my house The king did not have money at that time, he postponed the servant. Many months passed in this way. So many letters came from the servant’s house, in which it was written, come home soon. Finally, he took permission from the emperor to go home. The king gave him two rupees before leaving. The servant was surprised to see this. The king said, this is my hard-earned money. There is a lot of hard work in earning. Go will the owner.

The servant walked away with two rupees, but thinks what I will tell by going home, the people will say that you were the servant at the king’s place, and what did you bring? There were many pomegranates in the same area. On the way, he saw a place cheap and good pomegranate. The servant thought that I should buy this pomegranate worth two rupees. Pomegranate will come to everyone’s share in the house. Thinking this, he bought pomegranates worth two rupees. At that time things used to get very cheap. Pomegranate became a big bundle.

He was going after picking up the bundle. On the way there was the princely state of the second emperor. Incidentally, the queen there became ill, and the emperor summoned the elder Hakimo. He said that the life of the queen can be saved only if it gets pomegranate.

There was no pomegranate crop in that area. The emperor gave Dhindora pit, who will bring a pomegranate, he will get ₹ 1000 reward. The servant also reached there. He heard and then found out if this was right. The servant reached the court. See the pomegranate by the king. The king became very happy. The servant told the king to take as many pomegranates as you wish. The emperor took a pomegranate according to his need and paid the price of one thousand rupees according to a pomegranate. Then sent two soldiers along with the servant that go get it to his house comfortably. Now the servant had become the owner of thousands of rupees. So you have seen how much hard work there is in earning.

From this story we get an education that we work as hard as we do. Whatever we get for it, it comes back to us. Even though the king did not have so much money in his right halal earnings that he could give his full salary to the servant, he gave ₹ 2 and he turned it into ₹ 2 lakh rupees. This miracle is of hard earned money. Because in this world, the efforts of anyone, never, never go in vain, it definitely comes handy at some time.

Earlier people were not educated and had to work very hard. Today we have all read and written, today we will do a little hard work and earn our living like money. No matter how big our earnings are, we should be working hard. And all the money that comes to us. That money should also be spent for the right thing. Only then will we earn money for this hard work. Only then we will get happiness.

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