Death is the truth of life

Death is the truth of life

Death is an absolute truth of our life, death is only of the body and not the soul, the soul is immortal. At the end of the body, the soul enters another body. The soul changes the body like we change clothes, that is to say, as soon as a person dies, the soul leaves this body and moves on, so death is called the beginning of the next life. This life cycle has been going on for millions of years and will continue to do so. As long as there is life on this earth, there will be death also. To know the truth about death, scientists have been doing research for a long time that how the body becomes completely lifeless, but till now they have not got any special success in this matter. From the scientific point of view, death remains a mystery.

Death is not only the end of life but also the beginning of a new cycle. When we die, our body breaks down into different elements, which are then recycled back into the earth. This is how nature works. If we look at the world around us, we can see that nothing lasts forever. Everything eventually comes to an end. So we should learn from this natural phenomenon and accept death as a normal part of life.

We often think of death as a punishment. But death is a natural part of life. In fact, without death, life would cease to exist. So instead of fearing death, we should embrace it. When we die, we free ourselves from the physical body and enter a state of peace. Our soul leaves the body and travels to the hereafter. However, before we leave our physical bodies, we have a chance to do good deeds in our lives.

Death is the result of life. To live we need oxygen to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and love to feel. Without these things, we would have died. But death is not the opposite of life; Rather, it is the result of our life. We cannot live without death, death is the result of life, and life is the beginning of death. There are many ways in which we can die. Some people die of old age, some from diseases, and some from accidents. However, death is immutable. No matter how long we live, we will eventually die.

Every human being dies in this world. Death is a bitter reality of this world from which no one can run away, the one who is born has to die one day or the other. Even before the birth of a human being, his death has been written, this is the irrevocable law of nature, and no one can change it. Death is the truth of life. We are born, live, we die. That’s life.

We often think of death as final, but it is not. This is just the beginning of something else. When we die, our spirits leave our bodies and travel after some kind of life. It is not heaven or hell, it could be something else. Maybe it’s reincarnation, maybe it’s nothing. Who knows? All I know is that when the soul leaves the body, it becomes liberated. And finally moves on to the next stage of its existence.

Life is a journey we all go through together. We are born into this world, we live our lives, and then, in the end, we die. This is how things work. There are many different organs in the human body that we need to function properly for our survival. If any of these systems stop working properly, we will die. Our bodies don’t last forever.

Death is the truth of life. We are born to die. Death is not bad. Life is not good. Death is not evil. Life is not good either. There is no death. Only change happens. Change is the law of life. Like the old leaves fall from the tree and then after a short time, new leaves come. Similarly, old bodies perish and then a new life is created, with a new body. This is the reality of our life.

Friends, we should never be afraid of death nor should we be afraid because of what is already certain. God has given us this precious life, we should use it in good works so that God can also be happy with us. The purpose of our life should always be to help the sad ones and to be with everyone in love.

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