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Changes happen in our life moment by moment, sometimes about something and sometimes about something. Many times such things happen in our life. Which changes our life itself. After that our whole life turns.

Now it is up to us that how much we implement the good things we hear in our life.

It is not a matter of any one person, all the people in this world are like this, the only difference is that someone understands those things and moves forward and someone stays there. Many times such things come in our life which leave an impression inside our mind and whenever a bad time comes upon us in life, we remember the same thing and that becomes the solution to our problem. To understand this, we take the help of a small story.

Once when a thief started dying, he called his son and gave an advice: — “If you want to steal, do not go to any gurudwara, dharamsala or any religious place, but stay away from them and secondly if you ever get caught, So don’t accept that you have stolen, no matter how hard you hit.”

The thief’s boy said:- “Truth words”. Saying this the thief died and his son kept stealing every night.

*Once that boy broke the locks of a house to steal, but the people of the house woke up and they made a noise. The guards stood ahead. He said:- “Come on, where will you go by escaping”? On one side the family members were standing and on the other side the guards.

* Now even if the thief goes, where should he go? He somehow escaped and left from there. There was a Dharamshala on the way. Seeing Dharamsala, he remembered his father’s advice not to go to Dharamsala. But what if he does it now? Seeing this right opportunity, he went to Dharamsala. Where the satsang was taking place.*

He was the obedient son of the father, so he put his finger in his ear so that the words of the satsang would not fall in his ears. But after all the mind is a stubborn horse, wherever you turn it does not go there. Even after closing the ears, the words fell in the ears of the thief that there is no shadow of the gods and goddesses. That thief thought that what should I have to do with whether there is a shadow or not.

* The housekeepers and the guards were engaged behind. Somebody told that the thief is in Dharamsala. After investigation, the thief was caught.

The police killed the thief a lot but he did not confess his crime. At that time it was a rule that unless the offender has accepted the crime, then punishment cannot be given.

He was presented in front of the king, there was also a lot of beating, but the thief did not admit his crime there too. He used to worship the thief goddess. So the police called a thug for help. Thugini said that I will convince it. Filling the form of the goddess, he put on two fake arms, lit four torches in all four hands and rode a fake lion.

* * because she was in association with the police, so when she came, the doors of the jail opened sternly at her behest. When a man gets stuck in some trouble, he often remembers his Ishta Dev. That’s why the thief was also sitting in the memory of the goddess that suddenly the door opened and there was complete light in the dark room.

* The goddess said in a special way: — “Look, devotee! You remembered me and I came You did very well that you did not admit your guilt. If you have stolen, tell me the truth. Don’t hide anything from me I will free you immediately.”*

*The thief was a devotee of the goddess. He was very happy to see his Ishta standing in front and started thinking in his mind that I will tell all the truth to the Goddess. He was ready to tell that his eyes fell on the shadow of the goddess. He immediately remembered the word of the satsang that there is no shadow of the deities. He saw that it had a shadow, he understood that this is not a goddess but there is some deception with me.

He stopped saying the truth and said: — “Mother! I didn’t steal Wouldn’t you have known if I had stolen? Sitting outside the jail room, the guards were noticing the conversation between the thief and the thug. He and the thug are convinced that this is not a thief.

The next day he told the king that he was not a thief. The king freed him. When the thief became free, he started thinking that after hearing a word of satsang, I was released from jail. If I spend my whole life listening to satsang, then my life will change. Now he started going to satsang every day and left the business of stealing and became a good person.

That is why friends, wherever we get any good education, we should definitely take it. Do you know which thing can bring change in our life? Like a big change has come in the life of a thief just by listening to one line of satsang. Similarly, we should also listen and listen to the words of elders and elders and saints and mahatmas so that we too can become good citizens and good human beings.

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Spiritual stories

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