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Benefits of Giloy juice, friends, Giloy juice is such a thing that if we keep using it continuously, then we will never fall ill in life. So come on friends, without talking much, today I am going to tell you directly about the benefits of Giloy juice.

1. Giloy is beneficial in more than 100 diseases.

2. The decoction of Giloy is very beneficial in cold, cough, and allergy.

3. The decoction of Giloy is beneficial in almost every type of fever. Such as * corona *, asthma, swine flu dengue chikungunya in platelets etc.

4. Giloy controls the amount of sugar, which is why it is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

5. Giloy strengthens the immune system. Boosts immunity.

6. It removes any kind of infection and fulfills the deficiency of new traces or micronutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

7. It is also very beneficial in severe arthritis. That is, it also removes Vata disease.

8. Constipation is removed by its consumption.

9. People who fall sick frequently or who get sick due to change in weather, they must take Giloy.

10. Those who consume Giloy never get fever.

11. Platelets start growing very quickly due to the consumption of Giloy when platelets are low.

12. Those who consume Giloy do not get fat.

13. And those who are fat, they become thin by consuming Giloy.

14. People who keep getting cold and fever again and again, they should definitely take Giloy.

15. Giloy is a tridosha destroyer. This Vata eliminates Pitta and Kapha dosha.

16. The person who consumes Giloy does not have heart problems.

17. Cholesterol does not increase in the person who consumes Giloy.

18. The drinker of Giloy does not get diabetes and if there is diabetes then it ends.

So friends, you have just seen above that Giloy juice works in so many diseases. Hope you liked this article of mine.

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