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Are We All Sure To Die

“Though it is not certain when and how we will die, but it is certain that our death will come. “We can speculate, reason, try to find in books or imagine something with our imagination, but we know nothing about death. For some people, death is astonishing and some find it scary. Some people keep thinking about death all the time and some have the fear of death. Some don't even accept it. But death grips us all: this is the ultimate reality, the only sure thing, coming here and everything stops.

We come into this world crying and we leave crying, the time we spend in confusion. It is considered bad to talk about death and many people believe that talking about it is also a call to it, that is, it is like a bad omen. Some take it naively, without thinking, happily, thinking that after death somehow or the other, everything will be fine for them.

Both approaches are to run away from the truth. Death is neither hopeless nor exciting, it is a fact of life. Actually the word death itself is not correct because death does not happen at all. At the end of this life, we take off the cloak of this body and leave this world.

Death waits for no one There is a saying:

All are equal to death. Here the poor are also the richest and the rich are as poor as a beggar. The usury of the borrower ends and the borrower is relieved of his responsibility: here the egoist sacrifices his dignity, the leader surrenders his honor and the worldly surrenders his opulence.

When death knocks, man can neither run away nor hide!

When the hour of death comes, she does not discriminate between the young or the old, the sick or the fit, the rich or the poor, and the king or the beggar. When the last hour comes, there is no warning, no one is taken into account, and no matter what the circumstances, that hour cannot be postponed. It does not matter who we are, where we are, how our health is and how much wealth we have, death does not spare anyone. After all, “heavenly” is attached to the name of each one of us. Died, buried, gone forever, and forgotten forever!

There is only one way to conquer death - by singing hymns, living a spiritual life, "live - die.

We know this much that this life found on this earth for a short time is not our real life. There is something beyond this body which remains even after the destruction of this body. The desire is that the human body should remain forever, but the soul yearns to be released from the bondage of the body, because in reality the soul can become conscious only when the body attains death. Such an experience occurs to us first in the state of "die while living" during Bhajan Simran and later at the time of leaving the body.

A disciple used to repeatedly ask his master this question: "What happens after death? Where do we go after we die?"

After all, one day the Guru asked him to light a candle, when the disciple lit the candle, the Guru blew it out and asked the disciple "Where did the light of the candle go?"

The disciple did not know any answer.

The Guru explained, in the same way, when we die, we also disappear. Where did the candle light go? She got absorbed in her core. It no longer exists as a separate light, it no longer has a separate entity.

In this way, if we practice to die while living, then we also get absorbed in our core. When our life is gone, we die, then we mean

Get caught up in that one.

Let us also prepare ourselves by doing spiritual practice, destroy our ego and attachment and be ready to leave when death knocks at the door.

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Spiritual stories

"God is not your bank account. He is not your means of provision. He is not the hope of your pay. He is not your life. He's not your god. He's your Father."