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4 min readSep 1, 2021

It is a wonderful thing, is not the one who does not appreciate us, we keep running after him all our life. The person for whom we leave all relationships, leave our friends, that person does not appreciate us at all. The person we make everything in our life. We are nothing in the eyes of that person. How strange is this heart too, isn’t the person who breaks our heart again and again. Keep that person in your heart.

We spend all our love on that person who never understands our love. The person for whom we are present all the time but that person has no time for us at all. He spends all his time on his work or traveling with his friends. Let me tell you a lovely little story.

Once upon a time a boy loved a girl very much. That boy used to yearn very much for that girl’s love. But that girl was busy with her friends and traveling. That boy used to tell him the same thing again and again, please do talk to me once a day, do message me sometime, please give me some time, I don’t want anything more from you.

I just want a little bit of your time, the boy used to wait for his message all day for his phone. But that girl used to ignore this thing completely. She used to say the same thing every time. That I do not have time when I will be free, I will call or message myself.

The boy used to wait for that girl’s phone and message all day. But her girl used to message or call on her own. One reason for this was also that the girl had set some goals in her life that I have to do this further in my life. That’s why she could not even call and message.

She always used to tell the boy first that I should complete my target. I love you too much. My love is only yours, then after that we will have time only. But the boy always used to say, I do the work too. Still, I always remember you. And I try to give you some time too. But you don’t give me time at all. The girl always used to say that I have many wishes. I still have a long way to go.

But the boy still used to say the same thing to him, why are we losing our today for our future tomorrow. If you can’t find me today, what will you do for tomorrow? In the same way, quarrels continued between them. The boy was very upset about this, but the girl always used to say the same thing, when my target will be completed, after that all my time will be ours. I love you too much believe me.

One day the boy said to the girl, you will accept my one thing. Tomorrow the whole day you will not call me or send any message. If you agree with me, then what will I not insist on with you? The girl agreed to him and where is it okay?

I will not call you tomorrow, I will not send any message. The girl did not message the boy for the whole day, did not call any. The next day when the girl called the boy, his phone was switched off, nor was the message coming in it. The girl reached his house to meet the boy, after going there he came to know that the boy is in the hospital.

The girl quickly reached the hospital and after going there she came to know that the boy was dead. The boy’s family gave a letter to the girl and where is it for you. The girl opens the letter and starts falling. It was written in it, I have cancer, and I had very little time.

That’s why he wanted to spend time with you, so I always used to ask you to give time. Yesterday when I came to know that now I have only one day, I understood, now you have to spend your whole life without me. And good luck you have spent one day without me, and now you will spend the rest of your life without me.

Even though I am no longer in this world, but I love you very much. The girl started crying after reading the letter, what will I do now for such dreams of success in which she is not with me! who loved me very much. The girl started regretting a lot now, and started thinking that I wish I had given time to it, I wish I had understood its problem, I wish I would have realized that there is nothing in the world more than these moments of love. We all have wishes, but for these wishes, we cannot lose our love for our relationship.

So friends, learn to live in today, because tomorrow may not happen. Because if our today is good then tomorrow will be good automatically but if we leave today’s relationship for our tomorrow, don’t care about them today, then tomorrow when we will be successful, then who will be there to see our success . So keep love in your life, keep your love safe.

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